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Hello from the other side
It is done. We have transitioned to the other side of the world and I am Aotearoa-based once more. And it all happened quite smoothly and surprisingly hassle-free. Although I have left rather large quantities of my heart in London (including my husband who ...

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Oh this Mamma's heart of mine
It is crucial that when our children look into our eyes, regardless of the circumstances they are facing,  what they see is somebody that believes in them :: Sometimes being a mamma and loving your children just hurts . There are days ...

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Come and lie in the sun with me Mamma...
Hearing his dear little voice call down the hallway, how could I resist? I walked into his bedroom and found him cuddling up to the autumn sun rays on the carpet. "Come and lie with me Mamma - it's so warm !" And so I did. And yes it was  so warm. Darling B...

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Lochness Marathon 2013

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Rosso Furioso is THREE
It is always with lots of nostalgia and bucket loads of love and thankfulness that I write these posts celebrating the birthdays of our boys. And I cannot quite believe that my dear little Massi (Max, Maxi-moodle, Rosso Furioso, little Ginger Monkey, Ginger...

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Boys + mess issues...
WARNING: if you suffer from OCD this post will disturb you... I have issues.  Namely, BOYS and MESS. Oh and BOYS WHO DON'T LISTEN ...and NOISY BOYS ...and BOYS WHO WAKE TOO EARLY But mainly it's the BOYS and MESS issues that are bugging me right now. I spen...

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2014 banners HTML
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Oh hi, remember me?
When your best friend gives you a harsh telling-off for nearly going one month without blogging it's best you sit up and take notice. And darnnit, as always, she's right. One month to the day. So there's been heaps  happening in my neck of the woods - not t...

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Living with a Superhero
You may not have been aware but we have Superheroes living in our household. There is Spiderman, Superman (numerous), Batman, the Incredible Hulk - but the one who really seems to have taken over one of our little boys is that of Captain America. Apparently...
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