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Sorry to my linux friends. I am probably not going to be posting much more about linux or my experiences with it. I have reached a point where it is apparent I am spending more time fixing bugs and messing around with settings than I am being productive within linux.

Since installing 12.04 I have had problems with my video card which I fixed. Unity freezes up on me so I switched to XFCE. In XFCE thunar takes about 30 seconds to load so I had to uninstall samba backends to fix it (while losing samba support). Today I installed Urban Terror and can't play a game. In every other version of linux I can play fine but in 12.04 I can only spectate matches.

Over the past year I have had to use Windows 7 more and more often to make up for things not working in linux distros that used to work a couple years ago. Since installing Windows 7 I have had zero issues with applications breaking or not running.

It seems to me that since Gnome switched to version 3 everything in the linux community has gone down in quality. Everyone has been so focused on the GUI that applications have introduced more and more bugs. Something as simple as the blueman bluetooth applet shouldn't be crashing every time I boot my machine. It never had a problem until recently. Also my USB wireless logitech mouse has worked flawlessly until recently. When I start my computer I now have to unplug and plug it back in to get it to work again.

Before someone tells me it's the distro or a bad install I have honestly tried nearly all of the top 50 distros on Distrowatch over the past year. I have also tried many reinstalls of 12.04 to fix these issues with the same problems happening.

I am very anxious to see what happens with linux around the launch of Windows 8 because I honestly believe the Metro UI will frustrate many people and drive them to look for alternative as I did when Vista came out.

I have enjoyed posting and commenting about linux but if that is why you follow me I want to give you the opportunity to unfollow me before you notice a lack of linux topics in my stream.

Is anyone else having problems playing Urban Terror in Ubuntu 12.04? Worked perfect in 11.10 and now I can't join a game. I can connect and spectate but can't join a team.

Has anyone else been getting chat spam on G+? I have 2 bots who keep starting chats with me and I can't figure out how to block them. They aren't in my circles. How do i block them?

So far I have test out Ubuntu 12.04 and Xubuntu 12.04. Both are fantastic. I am going to be trying out an install of Lubuntu 12.04 tonight. Lubuntu has impressed me in the past and I expect with my experiences with Ubuntu and Xubuntu that I won't be dissapointed.

Which *buntu 12.04 desktop are you enjoying the most?

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If you don't have Dungeon Defenders already and have a PC or Mac to play it on you need to buy this

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This Ubuntu 12.04 install is rock solid. So far I haven't had any bugs and everything is running perfectly. I even have Steam and Path of Exile running in wine with Terraria running beautifully in an XP virtualbox. I was even able to forward some ports on the virtualbox and can host a server in terraria with a friend from Japan. No lag or anything. good job #Ubuntu

Is anyone using Ubuntu 12.04 with the Proprietary Nvidia driver?

I was very excited to play Guild Wars 2 but the beta isn't impressing me. The performance is terrible (15-20 frames per second on low settings on a machine that can play most games on near full graphics). I also got frustrated when I received a reward that was a chest containing a good item and was told I had to buy a key in the item shop to unlock the chest...


Would it be possible that the final release of 12.04 could have more bugs than the beta did 2 days ago? I feel weird saying it but I seem to be having a lot of crashes today on the official release and had none on the beta.
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