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Nancy Wolfson
VOICEOVER tough love coach/casting/producer Brands & Breaks You In: BRAINTRACKSAUDIO.COM
VOICEOVER tough love coach/casting/producer Brands & Breaks You In: BRAINTRACKSAUDIO.COM

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Hey, all - soon, I'm going to be killing this (my primary) google/gmail account & replacing it with a NEW primary google/gmail account. So - the name of my account will remain the same, but I'll need to re-connect with each of you on the new page (or ask you to add my new page when I set it up.) SO sorry for the hassle. Gmail won't let ya' change your primary account to a different Gmail account, hence the need to plunge and restart anew. Thanks. (sorry if you are receiving this message more than once...)

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PORK SHAKES. Just what we need! Crisco McFlurries. High Blood Glucose Blizzards. Western Bacon Six Dollar Malteds! And thanks to Jack...

WINNER of Publisher Weekly's #Audiobook Reader of the Year for 2011: Scott Brick! His performance of Michael Lewis's #MONEYBALL is lauded as "A flawless reading." Brav-O!

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Consider how you VO storytellers Brain-synch to get a consumer to crave the stuff in your story. Your audience doesn't just anticipate what's next; they finish your thought by buying the product. The best storytellers book gigs because they Brain-synch the most sales. Read on:

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Dr. Pepper remembers their #brand magic. Bravo.
Dr Pepper Always One of a Kind Commercial

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FREE 3 min LESSON: How To Read Aloud from Mr. MORGAN FREEMAN.
His is also rated R; read btw the lines: Easy Reader One Word song

"It's not what you eat between Christmas & New Years that's the problem. It's what you eat between New Years & Christmas." --Vinnie Tortorich

YAY! This booking news just in from student,
Charlotte-Ann Riffey:
"I used the trick I learned in your Acting for Advertising #4 mp3 and booked the job within 24 hours. This stuff works!"
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