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Removing this account for a while. If you want to talk to me, use chat or email. Thanks.
A magical bit of meat and electricity

Hey there Google+ user!  I don't use this service, so please find me on another service like Quora, twitter or Facebook!

As you might have guessed by my photos, I love outdoor activities that involve animals or nature.  Right now I am busy making short films, working on my startup at pariSoma, and working on my hobbies: single engine pilot, french, falconry, and scuba.

When I was born, "Hotel California" by The Eagles was the #1 hit in America.  I spent most of my childhood in a breathtaking part of Massachusetts called The Berkshires.  During my formative years I went to Space Academy and I was a founding member of the first syndicated high-school TV news showI wrote a Generation X Manifesto in response to the popular news media at the time calling us a bunch of "slackers".  I also snuck away to NYC on occasion to attend the monthly 2600 hacker meetings while I was an actress at the Berkshire Theatre Festival.  I also reviewed every sushi restaurant in Manhattan in 1994 by methodically visiting each one and ordering only miso soup and unagi nigiri. 

In 1995, I left high school early to work in the voice over internet industry (VoIP) for the next six years.  I co-developed one of the first SS7 VoIP switches in 1996, and implemented one of the largest fiber-optic monitoring networks in the world.  I took 3 months off in late 1999 to dogsled across Svalbard onto the ice toward the North Pole.  I was the CTO of Free World Dialup, and organized SIP interoperability events around the world.   In my troubled youth, I was also known to help with Phrack articles and even troll NANOG on occasion.

In late 2001 I began a four year college vacation; I studied Cognitive Neuroscience and Linguistics, as well as underwater basket weaving.  I also designed and lead a research experiment called the Original Imitation Game (aka a Turing Test).  During my summer and winter breaks, I enjoyed several internships; I did user research at Six Apart; edited Bittorrent for Dummies; wrote a portion of "A Report of Research on Privacy for Electronic Government" with Lawrence Lessig and other privacy experts; and studied swarms and complexity at the Neurosciences Institute.  There was a brief artistic period where I painted on canvas and did some singing/songwriting for a band that was big in Japan. I was also involved with an alternate reality gaming contest.  After college, I briefly worked in VoIP and social media again.

In 2008 founded a beekeeping supply & honey shop in the Mission district of San Francisco, California called Her Majesty's Secret Beekeeper.  I also co-founded a non-profit called SF Bee-Cause which aims to offer transitional employment to young people by teaching them about beekeeping, honey production, and other business skills. After selling my beekeeping store, I was a cofounder of a startup in 2010 that helped small businesses manage their social media through coaching and management tools. This company was acquired by Google. 

I enjoy travel,  zeppelins, playing cello, and fine dining.  I have dogsledded to the true north pole, lived in Tokyo, owned a Silver Cloud III, and I've "won" Nanowrimo three times.  I hang out on #joiito on freenode a bit. I regularly donate money to Kiva, Médecins Sans Frontières, The Long Now (Founding member #365), and the EFF.  I've also recently gotten interested in Genealogy, and my ancestors are Irish, Acadian, French, Mi'kmaq, and German.

I'm also an INTJ if you are interested in things like that.

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