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Enterprise car rental sucks. The service is awful and the relentless upsell is incredibly annoying.

I'm never renting from them again if I have a choice.
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When I was in limbo waiting to learn if my previous car was going to be totaled, I rented from Enterprise. The only complaint I had was that while they DID come out to my house to pick me up, driving me back there for the paperwork, they were about 15 minutes later than they'd said. After I said, "Really, I'd prefer something smaller... and I don't suppose you have one with a stick, do you?" they didn't try the upsell. Perhaps corporate has changed its policies in the last 3 years, or perhaps the outlet you used is a bad one.
I think it may depend on the location. I had a bad experience or two with Enterprise years ago, but now they've become my first choice. My experience has been low prices, good service, and little to no upsell.
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