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Rapid Prototyping, R&D service supplier stages
San Diego, California, USA

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FabSpc 3D Printing San Diego, California, United States

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Impresion 3D Tijuana

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Brecher MFG Portfolio
| Rapid Prototyping | R&D Service Provider | Plastic Mold Injection | Urethane Cast | Silicon Molds | Industrial Designer | Technical Design | Mechanical Design | Product Development | Idea Product Development | Inventors | Startups | Entrepreneurs | Tecate | Tijuana | San Diego | California | Mexico | USA | United States | 3D Printing SLA and FDM | Short runs | Low volume manufacturing | Mass manufacturing
 | Electronical Development | Programming

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We are your One Stop solution for electrical/mechanical development for any device, gadget or new product you would like to be developed.
In order to materialize the idea, Industrial Design is what is need in order to be ready for Prototyping.
We have helped our customers with the parametric drawing, not only cosmetic ones, which allows us to build a profesional prototype that can be totally sellable.
Parametric drawing programs (industrial design and able to manufacture it)

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Our company is focused on helping Entrepreneurs and companies to innovate, grow and bring new ideas to market. We are happy to see final products that we have helped them to develop. All of them have started from a single and simple idea, and at the end it turns to be a totally profitable product focused business.

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Tijuana, Tecate, San Diego, Palo Alto, Silicon Valley California, Utah and now Ensenada is where the companies we work with are placed. This kind of prototyping is required to be tested and packaged so that the final users enjoy a product made by engineers, marketers and experimented business mentors/CEO’s that are already into that specific market the product is aiming.

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Brecher Proto: Everything about Prototyping & New idea Product Development. We have a great team of industrial designers and electronic engineers that are willing to draw and bring your ideas to a sketch in order to be able to prototype it.
FabSpc: One must give back, this division is about courses, fab labs (maker spaces), events, and everything about education for prototyping.
A perfect fit for this are: Students, Entrepreneurs, Makers, Inventors and Hobbyists who want to learn about Prototyping, 3D Printing, Industrial Design, Electronics/Mechanical Development, Programming, Plastic Molding and any other related subject.

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3D printing has become popular among the entrepreneurs, startups, makers, inventors. This fast response-cost effective solution is great for new product development (fully functional prototypes) and low volume manufacturing. A CAD file is required in order to be able to export it to a STL file which is needed to start printing it.
FabSpc is the place where you can go print and materialize your ideas for your products, school projects or for hobby. One of the advantage of FabSpc is that if some other engineering services  arerequired such as rapid prototyping, industrial design, electronics development or plastic mold injection, Brecher Proto can help you.
With our manufacturing facility in Tecate / Tijuana and headquartered in San Diego we are able to bring you competitive costs with a great quality.

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This is the mother of our prototypes, our 3d printers. It helps us to help you deliver an entirely functional gadget or product at a lower cost using material such as plastics and carbon fiber.
Prototyping is the merge of electronics, programming and mechanics, all of them combined to develop a product as the following one we have worked from conceptualization until production
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