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Contacts Sync
Synchronize Outlook Contacts with Gmail and so to Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablet. Freeware
Synchronize Outlook Contacts with Gmail and so to Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablet. Freeware

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Calendar Sync Pro - Sync multiple outlook calendars and categories to multiple calendars in one google account.

Each profile can have separate outlook, google calendars, separate sync

Each profile can have different categories which makes it possible to sync categories to different google calendars.

Download Calendar Sync Free or Buy Pro from

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One more way to sort your Gmail contacts - Contacts Sort Google Sheets Add-on. You can sort by Name, Company name, last modified date, email address, job title, phone number in ascending or descending order. Option to list all Gmail contacts or just the contacts from the selected group. You can use this add-on in a new or existing Google Sheet.

New Calendar Sync Pro
- Setup multiple Profiles: Sync multiple outlook calendars to multiple calendars in one google account.
- Sync Outlook Categories/Colors to Google Calendar.
- Option to select multiple Outlook categories including uncategorised. Go to

Options to "Skip Private Contacts" with Contacts Sync Pro v3. Buy Now from

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New Calendar Sync - New features - Sync Options to Skip Attendees, Skip Description, Skip Reminders/Notifications. Download Now. Visit

New Contacts Sync Pro v3: Due to changes in Google authentication method (OAuth1 to OAuth2), older Contacts Sync Pro versions (1.x/2.x) will stop working on April 20th, 2015. Visit Contacts Sync website and click on the Upgrade link to download Pro v3. Also see "Support" link for more information.

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Create mailing lists of your contacts from your email messages for sending greetings, newsletters, event invites, etc. IMAP Email Extractor app extracts sender Name and email addresses from your Gmail™, Yahoo,, Office 365, iCloud and any IMAP Email accounts like
Features: Extracts both Name and Email address in "From" header of the email messages. Extracts email addresses from body of messages and sent mails. Free, Lite, Pro versions.  Know more from

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New Calendar Sync  - one time sign-in even when 2 step verification is enabled, sync every 5 minutes, sync daily at a specific time, use your own Google OAuth Login code and a few bug fixes. Download from

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Email Extractor for Gmail, Yahoo and any IMAP mailbox. Extract Name, Email addresses in From/To/CC/Message Body/SentMail, from all mail folders. Free Android apps available on Google Play. Visit  and IMAP Email Extractor for Yahoo, other email accounts,  For more advanced features and options use Lite or Pro versions. 
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