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Add "Office Supply Ninja" to Your Exhibit Prototyping Resume
Thomas Edison said,   "To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk."  His reference was to inventing, but he could have also been speaking about  prototyping . To me, prototyping is an iterative process that uses simple materials to help you a...

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Does Your Makerspace Really Need a 3D Printer?
I have a new article out in the latest issue of the  Association of Children's Museums  journal, Hand to Hand. The theme of the issue is "The Maker Movement" and my article is entitled " Do You Really Need a 3D Printer,  and Other Essential Questions  You N...

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Reflecting on North American Museum Work Through a German Lens
I recently returned from Germany where I was invited by  Hüttinger   Interactive Exhibitions in Nuremberg to present workshops to their staff and then visit museums in Berlin for coordinated staff training and learning activities. I think my experiences in ...

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Off to Germany!
I'm delighted to have been invited to speak about exhibition development and to also critique exhibitions in Nuremberg and Berlin with the staff of  Hüttinger Interactive Exhibitions  in Germany this week. For the past several years, Hüttinger Interactive E...

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The Amazing World of Dinosaurs: An Interview with James Kuether
James Kuether is an award-winning artist whose paintings and photographs hang in galleries and private collections around the globe. He is an amateur fossil hunter and a life-long dinosaur enthusiast. His natural history art has appeared in numerous publica...

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Museum/Exhibit/Design Toolkit: Dinosaur Duplicates!
I'm just finishing up work on a fun dinosaurs exhibition for The Children's Museum in West Hartford, Connecticut.  While we've been lucky to get some  real  dinosaur and fossil materials from our creative partners to use, there are times that using cast or ...

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Looking Back to Move Forward: Top 10 ExhibiTricks Posts from 2016.
The Sankofa image above, a stylized bird looking back over its shoulder, comes from Ghana and  represents the need to reflect on the past to build a successful future.  In that spirit, and with 2017 upon us, I offer ten ExhibiTricks posts worth reflecting o...

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The 2016 ExhibiTricks Picks for Your Museum/Exhibit/Design Reading List
As 2016 draws to a close, I thought I'd offer a quick list of resources for your museum/exhibit/design reading (or holiday gift giving!) list. Each were featured in posts on ExhibiTricks in 2016, so you can click the links in the list below for the full art...

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How Do You Use Pinterest In Your Design Work?
Pinterest is a great visual tool (organized into "boards" of images linked to websites) for museum/exhibit/design folks. I'd like to gather your recommended Pinterest boards (as well as your Pinterest tips and tricks) for a future ExhibiTricks post (and fre...

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Coloring Outside The Lines: Exhibition Journal's New Look
NAME (The National Association for Museum Exhibition) has recently renamed and redesigned its journal, now called Exhibition . The latest issue is entitled " Coloring Outside the Lines "  and contains some fascinating articles that detail unique approaches ...
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