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Which Windows tools handle normal Git flows like rebasing and conflict resolution well? I am used to doing everything in the command line on Mac and Linux, and it pains me to see how our Windows devs strive in visual studio and Github Desktop.

I have gotten tips on SourceTree, and that seems to be able to handle conflict resolutions and rebasing.

I would also like to know how one can get a comfortable command line experience in Windows without resorting to VIM. I am totally fine with vim, but most windows devs are not, so if I could fire up another tool for conflicts or an editor that would be tons better.

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This is finally what got me to understand the distinction between an access point and a bridge. Great stuff.

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A lot of .NET devs forget the async and defer attributes when using Squishit. That does not mean you cannot use them! One line of code and ... whoosh, there goes the render block :-) 
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