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our last GDG Talks about Git technology
GDG Talk : Git
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GDG Talk: Bootstrap
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GDG Talks. Sunday, May 10at 6:15pm - 8:00pm 
GDG Talk: Angularjs
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GDG TechTalk : NoteJS for Android
NodeJs for Android
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#GDG #2015

GDG Annual meeting , Jan 15,2015
We talked about the work of the 2015 plan ,and the division of labor among members mechanism and build a community for developers for android and web platforms
Picturtes :

Android Materials design , Feb 24,2015
AMMxDROID (Amman Android Developers Group) is a community powered by Jordan Open Source Association in collaboration with other Google Developer Group and Amman Droid Lab Our community is a knowledge sharing platform for Android developers, designers and enthusiasts around Amman where both product and technical perspectives will be covered.
Slides :
Album :

GSA Assiut university Opening , Feb 26,2015
We talked more about Android and how can do some businesses app from android to be startups in the futures, also we talked more how can start working on android for startups 
Facebook event :
Pictures :

TechTalk : NodeJS for Android , April 8,2015 [Released]
In our first meetup at GDG Tech-Talk we will be talking about NodeJs for Android. Node.js, known as a popular server-side JavaScript implementation, could become more prominent in the mobile space, also we'll talk about Express framework.Express is a minimal and flexible Node.js web application framework that provides a robust set of features for web and mobile applications.
event page :
facebook event :

TechTalk : Laravel, April 20,2015 [On the time]
In our second meetup at GDG Tech-Talk we will be talking about Laravel. Laravel is a free, open source PHP web application framework, designed for the development of model–view–controller (MVC) web applications. Laravel is released under the MIT License, with its source code hosted on GitHub.
event page :

TechTalk : Android Wear , May 4,2015 [On the time]
In our third meetup at GDG Tech-Talk we will be talking about Android Wear and Andorid 5.1 Lollipop. Android Wear is Small, powerful devices, worn on the body. Useful information when you need it most. Intelligent answers to spoken questions. Tools to help reach fitness goals. Your key to a multiscreen world, also Android Wear extends the Android platform to a new generation of devices, with a user experience that's designed specifically for wearables.

What we want to do in future 2015 ?!?

Tech-Talk session
Every  month we’ll do 2 Tech-Talk sessions with JOSA community, we started working on it from AMMxDROID sessions.
Link of Tech-Talks in June, july and August :
Android & Arduino.
Things of internet.
Ads for developers.

Women Techmaker , April,2015
We are working on WTM in Amman already, and we’ll hold it with Zain telecom company,we’ll do this in the last event this month( April ), also the Minister of Communications and Information Technology will be participating in WTM Amman.

Google I/O 2015 Extended , May 25,2015
We’ll do two days event in Amman with GDG Amman and make a live stream video to watch the I/O keynote and some interested session during I/O event, the event organized by GDG Yarmouk and GDG Amman
Event link :

Google in Ramadan , Ramadan month 2015
We want to do E-ftar in Amman for smart developers and who are interested in GAE and Android, We’ll do networking session during the day to make sure that all developers can benefit from others.

GDG DevFest , Nov 2015
In this year, we want to do something special for the community, we’ll do it with Jordan Open Source Association JOSA, and will be dedicated to the Web and Android only, also  will focus on expert developers in this year

Droiders barbecue night( Networking event ) ,  August  2015
Evening dinner for fans of Android, the purpose of this talk is to build a loop of communication between all android developer, to make the Android community is an important in Amman and build a great experience for the next generation of android developers.
Link of Tech-Talks in September , October and November  :
Google App engine for Android.
Android TV
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#GDG #2014

What we did :
*GDG Jordan Meetup2 * January 1 , 2014
The first meetup that we are using to talk about our plan through the year 2014 and for the mechanism  and business strategies with all GDG  managers in jordan 
GDG Al-Zaytoonah University , GDG Amman , GDG ASU , GDG Polytechnic , GDG WISE University , GDG Yarmouk University.

جوجل : أيام الأنترنت العربي Google : Arabic Web Days February 1 , 2014
Arabic content on the web represents just 3 percent of the total digital content online—yet Arabic speakers make up more than 5 percent of the global population,so we set up event to talk about the achievements of young people in the development of Arabic content on the internet and we hosted many of the entrepreneurs like Abjjad ,Techno Echo , Google localization manager and many others, and someone has helped us from GSA and GDG ASU.
Pictures Link :

Droidcon Tunisia 2014  March 1-2 , 2014
Google Developer Group Tunisia
Our GDG Manager participated in the Droidcon event and talked about the Android App for Business ,this is the first time we did it outside Jordan and it was a unique opportunity for us to creativity.
Startup Weekend Amman III , February 13 , 2014
Yarmouk University Mobile Day March 5 , 2014
Participated in the event held at Yarmouk University , we talked about mobile applications and how to improve your own application through some libraries and new tools such as Volley and Sherlock.

Google Summer Of Code 2014
      After two day google will launch the GSOC Challenge for students , and we will make an event to talk about this challenge and how can students participate and the steps to do it and some tips to be winners , we are thinking to do it on April 12 , 2014.

DroidLab( #1, #2, PSUT #1, PSUT #2 )- Dec 20 , 2014 || Oct 25, 2014 (Four events)
Amman Droid Lab  is a community powered by Android Developers in Jordan. Our lab is a knowledge sharing platform for Android developers, around Amman where both product and technical perspectives will be covered. 


DevFest GDG Yarmouk University 2014 , October  2014 
This year, we will all of us to setup a single DevFest to be the biggest DevFest event in the world, and we set some of the topics that will put them in this year Like
Android , Chrome Cast , Google Glasses , App Engine and Dark ,and we are planning to bring up   speakers from outside Jordan such as Droidcon Tunisia speakers
pictures :
Slides :
1- Android Studio & Android L preview

2- GDG DevFest Keynote 2014

GDG MENAT Summit 2014,  Dec 2014
My Small talk at GDG MENAT summit 2014 about Amman Droid Lab and actions plan for 2015

GSA MENA Summit, Sep 2014 
From our talk as google Ambassador and how the nature of my work as an ambassador Google at my university in 2012  also i talked more about ,Google developer group manager and Google Top Contributor and what’s happened in Google London meetup.

DevFest GDG WISE Oct 28,2014
I talked about Android developers tools likes how to use Android Studio , Gradle, and how to call APIs from Volley & okHTTP, also i talked more about ImageLoader for android, In addition for some tips for android to make everything easier.
Slides :
Facebook event :
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Annual Meeting for GDG Yarmouk team
GDG Yarmouk - Annual Meeting
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Now .. Lunch break
#Zain_ZINC #ZainCER #android
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