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Harbor Hall, Inc.
Harbor Hall provides addiction treatment services in the resort town of Petoskey, Michigan. It offers a wide array of services that are effective and affordable.
Harbor Hall provides addiction treatment services in the resort town of Petoskey, Michigan. It offers a wide array of services that are effective and affordable.

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For the second day in a row I am writing about another state that is pleading for untreated mental health and substance use disorders. In difficult budget cycles, states have cut services to the most vulnerable. People that typically do not advocate or speak up for themselves.

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I could not think of finer arguments than what this writer is stating and this could just as easily apply to Michigan as well as any other state in the union.

What say you readers?

It's about time that treatment is funded rather than continuing a War on Drugs that really is a "War on People!"

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When E-Cigarettes came out I had a big concern that these would be used for smoking marijuana and no one would be the wiser. Read this article and this is a cautionary tale to parents as well. Keep an eye out for this kind of stuff being used by your children. Pot is not benign as marijuana advocates would like you to believe and the higher THC concentrates make it a higher abuse potential. They cannot convince me of the medical efficacy when they are selling something that is; "designed to deliver a maximum high without concern for portability or discretion."

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Beautifully stated.
Thanks for all the +1’s, comments, shares, and mentions this week, everyone!

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Wishing you a super weekend! :)

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The top drugs of dependence/abuse among Americans in 2012 were marijuana at 4.3 million, pain relievers at 2.1 million and cocaine at 1.1 million, according to the annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

The positive side of the coin is that there are 23 million people in recovery today in the United States. 

"No matter where you go; there you are."

Thanks for the invite to your page.

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If you have not heard of Zohydro ER you will soon enough. Zohydro is the first single-ingredient hydrocodone drug ever cleared for U.S. patients. Each extended-release pill contains up to five times more of the narcotic than previously available combination pills, such as Vicodin.

Debate over a powerful new painkiller ratcheted up Thursday as the head of the Food and Drug Administration defended the drug's approval and a West Virginia Senator responded with a bill to force it off the market.

Here is the bill that is being proposed to force Zohydro off the market.

Does anyone remember what happened with OxyContin?

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Our staff and board have worked so hard to keep our costs low; with ninety days of treatment being highly affordable and effective. We have sober living residences, where clients live afterwards, while working on developing a sober lifestyle. They remain for 6 months to a year and we help them develop the path to ongoing recovery.

Then I hear about unethical things some in my field are engaged in and I don't understand it at all. We are supposed to demonstrate ethics that are above and beyond reproach. We have to live our values and beliefs.

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Attorney General Holder is pushing for eliminating mandatory minimum sentencing laws for non-violent felony offenses.  The proposed changes would reduce the federal prison population by about 6,550 inmates over the next five years, the article notes. Currently, half of the 215,000 inmates in the federal prison system are serving time for drug crimes.

+Harbor Hall, Inc. thanks you for the invite to join this community. We have served those seeking assistance for substance use disorders for the past 40 years. We pride ourselves in offering quality, CARF Accredited Services and we are equally effective as well as affordable.
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