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Diamonds are a Girls....
Since I deal mainly in untreated gemstones, I have stayed away from using colored diamonds.  Most of them are irradiated and while I make exceptions for heat treatment, irradiation is a no go - it's the reason I don't carry Morganite. In the last few months...

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Cecile Raley Designs: Behind the Scenes
Perhaps some of you
are wondering how it works. How things get done so fast - sometimes, and then
painstakingly slow other times. How things get made, who makes them. Or what
you need to run a business like mine. So here goes. In my home office,
there's jus...

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Mahenge Spinel Revisite
I've decided to do another blog entry on Mahenges not only
because I am totally obsessed with them but also because I recently got to pick
a small batch from a 2009 parcel that my supplier's uncle released from his
vault.  The rest of the parcel went

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My Visit with Etsy
So Etsy has a bi-weekly event called Eatsy, where all employees of Etsy eat together.  Etsy employees, known as Etsy admin, can invite Etsy members for a visit and a tour, plus meet with various staff members that might be helpful to their shop.  I got

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A Few Little Known Facts About Ruby
July is ruby month, so that makes a blog entry about ruby apropos. But what can I write about ruby that hasn't already been said elsewhere? 

Not much, but let me try. Here are some of the lesser known facts about this pretty gem. 

As you surely know, ruby...

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If I May Say So Myself: What I Would Buy from My Shop
With my
semi-annual 15% sale coming up on July 13 th , I thought I’d assemble
a shortlist of my own favorite items, and why I’d recommend those for
purchase.  I’m going to try to limit
myself to three pieces from each of my favorite sections. Of course my

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Just posted a new blog entry on gems and different cuts.
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