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Best Away Game Ever
UNC vs UVA. Chapel Hill, get ready for the Best Away Game Ever.
UNC vs UVA. Chapel Hill, get ready for the Best Away Game Ever.

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Keep up the good work +Jonathan Unger!
Where Are They Now? [Summer Internship Edition]

+Jonathan Unger '14
Lucky 13 Media Intern, Campbell Mithun

"I assist the agency in creating the most effective media plans possible for our clients. Also, I get to explore beautiful Minneapolis during the few glorious months of the year when it isn't snowing!"

#wherearetheynow #unc #intern #internship #jschool #minneapolis  
+UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication 

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Looks like some of our +Best Away Game Ever team are doing big things this summer.

Congrats to +Meredith Goodwin and +Jonathan Unger for these incredible opportunities. From all of us at +Best Away Game Ever, we wish you the best of luck!
+Meredith Goodwin '14
Account Intern, +WilsonMcGuire Creative 

"Interning with WilsonMcGuire this summer allowed me to go beyond what I would learn in a classroom to see what really goes on at an advertising agency. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, including the 2014 U.S. Open golf tournament account, sit in on client meetings, attend branding brainstorming sessions, and present research to CEOs. My favorite part by far was driving down the road and passing digital billboards I had worked on for the Wyndham Championship in Greensboro. To see something come together from inception to finished product has made a career in advertising feel real for the first time."

#wherearetheynow #unc #intern #internship   #internshiptips #uncintern  
+UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication 

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There's a lot of links to other Google+ profiles in this thank you post, and it truly shows you how many people came together to make this a success. Thank you all!
I've updated my website's projects section to include the +Best Away Game Ever.

I apologize for the delay since this project ended, but it was a very in-depth experience and a lot of people's effort went into it. Wanted to make sure I did it right. I will always appreciate what I've learned through it and I enjoyed immensely working on it. The project taught me so much about Google+ and I am amazed daily by what is going on here. 

It would be an immense disservice to understate how helpful the +Google+ community was in making our project a success:
~ +Jesse Wojdylo mentored us through the growing pains and we owe him so much. A huge help to us, so thanks you so much Jesse.
~ +Devin Buell was an immense help on the technical side of the execution and for agreeing to meet with us on this crazy plan in the first place.
~ A huge thank you to +Natalie Villalobos & +Dori Storbeck for taking notice of this project and getting our name out there.
~ Can't thank enough others like +Mark Traphagen,  +Marilyn Ritter, +Nikol Murphy, &+Ivar Choi Espedalen for engaging with our project.
~ And of course another shout out to +Chris Yates and +Charles Hogge for having us on the +Social Sports and Entertainment Show #SSEshow.  

Thank you again to +Abby Bouchon, +Josh Clinard, +Alexandria Smith+Becky Bush, +Rahel Gebremeskel , +Ashlyn Still, +Lauren Houston, +Aaron Dodson, +Suzannah Davidson, +Charlotte Taylor, +Hannah Lebowitz, +Leah McCann, +Charlotte Taylor, +Matthew Oakes , +Jonathan Unger, +Elaine Zhu, +Kate Farmer, +Ashley Russell,     +Gary Kayye, and the rest of the team.  

+Jesse Wojdylo We have our +Best Away Game Ever Final Report complete and want to share it with our +Google+ community.

Is there a way to post it as a post or in our "About" section? We didn't see a document link button by the picture, video, calendar, and link options.

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We are always proud to be a Tar Heel! Incredible season ladies!

UNC - National Runners Up in Field Hockey

Congratulations to +Meghan Lyons and crew on getting to the national championship game.  Princeton wins their first title with a 3-2 victory over the Tar Heels.  I promise I will attend every home game next year!

#googlesports   #unc  

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Congrats +Maria Lubrano-Lavadera and UNC Women's Soccer!
+Maria Lubrano-Lavadera, featured on Wednesdays HOA with +Best Away Game Ever made the opening goal in today's shootout against Baylor in the third round of the NCAA Women's Soccer tournament.

The Heels beat the Bears in OK's 4-2.

UNC will play BYU in the NCAA Women's Soccer Quaterfinals this weekend.

Good Luck +Maria Lubrano-Lavadera and UNC Women's Soccer!

Good luck to the +North Carolina Tar Heels Field Hockey team as they go against +Princeton University in the NCAA final!  

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Coach Fedora's thoughts on his senior players:
 “I’d say a pretty special group the way that the entire university needs to remember them, because they could have left, but they loved this university, they loved their teammates, they wanted to be a part of what’s happening now. I couldn’t be more proud of those kids and that’s why we’ll have a great crowd at Kenan Stadium next week for senior night.”

Read more below from Coach Fedora's postgame report.  Any favorite quotes stick out to you?

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Running Google+ from an Event

The highest notifications number I saw was 53. Not bad for the +Best Away Game Ever

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