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Dear Everyone, 

Happy nightmares.

Captain Johnson is my hero. His press conference tonight has been a lot of optics but more than anything else it seemed incredibly genuine and his requests seemed very understandable. There's no link yet to it, but I'm sure tomorrow it will be easy to find. 
1) Asking but not demanding that peaceful protesters leave at night to not provide cover for people looking to start violent protests. 
2) Explaining clearly the circumstances where media was pushed or moved away from areas. 
3) Humanizing the police officers that have for the last three days been trying very hard to decrease the problems that we saw in the first few days responses. 
4) Showing respect for protesters and making clear that he is trying to walk the line between allowing protests and not enabling violence. 
5) Putting an emphasis on when force was applied (SWAT vehicles) to improve safety (remove injured persons). 
As much as I disagree with the show of force those first few days, every day this continues my respect for the attempts to decrease tension by the police is growing. The idea that the police are inciting violence is no longer sustainable. I still don't like how many times I saw police officers draw and aim weapons at protesters. I still don't like the sophistication of the weapons the police used. But you have to recognize when people are putting in a good faith effort to solve a problem and Captain Johnson is absolutely doing just that. 
Hope things ease over the next few days and I hope the protesters do their part to ease things as well. 

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Veterans react to Ferguson, MO (population 21,000). 

For some people, the U.S. really is becoming a police state. The exponential increases in SWAT responses, lax ROE, and liberal use of innovative non-lethal weapons tend to aggravate situations like in MO, not maintain peace. 

It is important to remember that criticism of the police response in MO is not an indictment all police or even individuals on the police forces involved in the response. But I think its fair to say when Vets are shocked at the fire power of a response to protests and occasional looting, it is valid to criticize the training, equipment, and ROE employed.. 

It's heartbreaking when you can't tell from images and video if this is taking place in the US or Ukraine. Arresting journalists for trespassing in McDonalds? Wow.

Anyone with an idea here? I'm lost.

Math Problem: You have a group of 500 people. What are the odds that two picked at random will be siblings (assume on average their parents had 2.5 children and a normal distribution).  

More fun with #googledrive  
When you move a #googledoc  to  your hard drive then delete it online ... you can't restore it by putting it back in your google drive folder. 

#GoogleDrive  keeps deleting massive amounts of my files when I unsync a folder from a computer. What gives?

Thank God I've been lucky enough to find most of them in the trash bin online, but seriously Google Drive has a problem. Be careful out there. I'm no longer trusting them with the family album. 

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Some Libertarians think this way. The others don't do enough to correct those that do. 

Give a man a fish and he'll become an unending burden on the limited resources of the state. Teach a man to fish and you've placed the burden for his education on those who have no responsibility to help him — he should be able to figure out for himself how to fish, and if he can't, well, that's not our problem.

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Wow ... worst breakup ever. 
Again ... net neutrality is the best way to get back at this company and its brethren. 

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There is a war brewing ... pick your side ;)

Team Net Neutrality!

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