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Increase Muscle Size
'How to' build muscle mass, getting fit, diet, burn Fat and a lot more!
'How to' build muscle mass, getting fit, diet, burn Fat and a lot more!

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If you like the film FROZEN then you are going to like this book watch video 'NOW'...

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CREATINE the best muscle building supplement on the market watch video

Bodybuilders Drinking Best Mike to Help Increase Their Muscle Size?
Bodybuilders are now taking to drink ‘Best Milk’, because it’s incredibly calorie and nutrient dense. Nature designed Breast milk to rapidly grow a human baby, and bodybuilders believe it will have the same effect on their muscle growth.

'What' do you think, have 'You' tried drinking Brest Milk, 'What's' your experience?

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Hi everyone just wanted to touch bases with you and to let you know that my in depth bodybuilding book is available on Amazon... go check it out, click link below... 

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The 6 Best Ways to Increase Your Chest Muscle Growth And Prevent Injury!
Over my 50-years in the Bodybuilding and fitness game, there has been one question that stands out from all the other questions I’m asked almost every day, it stands head and shoulders above all the others, and that’s… “How much weight can you bench press”. As a bodybuilder you shouldn’t get involved in this debate, because we are trying to build muscle mass and NOT strength.
But there is a debate to be had over using the correct technique and, which method, bar, dumbbells, wide grip, for example, one should or shouldn’t use. More important than that, there is a far wider debate to be had around ‘Why’ the bench press may possibly be one of the most prolific exercises to cause…INJURY?

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You all know me as a bodybuilder, but did you know I also write books? I have just published over 36 Celebrity Scrap Books you or someone you know may be interested in, please click and watch the video below...
They make a fantastic Gift too!
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People who train their abs are finding it difficult to get a flat belly, read my article now to find out 'WHY' it’s so important to work your transverse abdominal muscle

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"10 Bodybuilding Tips For Men – You Will Want To Know"

Building muscle is like taking a long road trip. You wouldn’t contemplate taking on that journey without first planning the route, well yes, you have guessed it, building any real body mass takes planning to and you can’t do that without first studying a map first.

Set out below is your map, ‘The Top 10 Best Bodybuilding Tips’, study them and get to know them well and then you will be able to set out your plan to success.

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Are Your ‘Genetics‘ Stopping You From Getting Fit a Very Important Question!

Over the years it has become blindingly obvious to those in the fitness industry that some people, regardless of routines or personal effort, with find it agonizingly difficult to get fit.

As someone who run a gymnasium for many years and wrote out many muscle building routines for my gym members, I began to notice that some members would excel and become extremely fit over a short period of time, where as others struggled regardless of the routine they followed, diet, or effort expended.

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