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First time on Cinemageddon, booted off for lousy ratio (everything I wanted had been seeded out so much I had no peers to seed to).  Now rockin' a 1.972.  Shit yeah son.

Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny: I'm only 20-30min in and already something inside of me has died that can never come back.

The Dark Knight Rises: definitely needed more Ace the Bat-hound

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Current obsession that I can't stop listening to: the theme from "Black Belt Jones"

Max Payne 3 should be retitled "Uncanny Valley: The Video Game"

Is it cruel of me to absolutely revel in the "OMG WE LOST AN ELECTION, ALL IS LOST, THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF DARKNESS" hysterics on display today?  As in if someone was crying over it in front of me in person about this, I would find it irresistable to lean forward, lick the tears from their face, and declare it to be as sweet honey.

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Yet another one in the books
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