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Xisuminati Wastelands Livestream

What is it: A version of +Jotato's Xisuminati modpack

Transformed by my own custom "wastelands" mod to give a flatlands (think sky block but with much less falling into the void) also added in rftools to allow eventual travel to a more normal terrain (or cheaty exotic ones)

Livestreaming shortly after this post (5 mins or so) at

For additional details/downloads of customized pack and starting map see

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I'm starting a new snapshot world today! [in about an hour]  (might be just me but others are invited)

I've posted this on Minecraft forums:

However feel free apply here, or add me to your circles to message me on hangouts.

Server will be up 24x7 for the month so if you miss tonight and are interested just ask, its just basic first night survival tonight.

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The Iron Titan on my server became functional last week, but now the storage floor has taken shape, and the temp catwalks removed (so we ought not spawn in on them).

This is simply TangoTek's ( )farm design for chaining the villages above, added my customization to the kill chamber and storage/machine rooms.

Still needs some cleanup of the torch spam but all is well on the way.
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Just update my dark oak villages & extra strongholds mod to work on the newest version of minecraft v1.8.5 to include all the newest security patches

Lucky for me little chanced since 1.8.4 making the patch easy

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Dark Oak Villages:

The other day I released a small mod for Minecraft 1.8.3 that attempts a very slight diversification of the villages in world.

The big change is simply replacing the oak doors,fences, planks, ect with the dark oak variant for one in three villages.

Another small change (that may be particular of interest if you are running a server) is the increase from 3 to 5 strongholds on a standard map.

I see a popular website is asking me for money again.. unfortunately I've noticed this particular very popular site has committed the sin of not providing full functionality on mobile & tablet browsers. Or simply thinking mobile users would not want access to some features of the full site.

The site is of course Wikipedia, the flaw: mobile site is missing direct link to the talk page (in the side menu with the link to a random page would seem logical). Thus anytime something makes me raise an eyebrow and I want to check any editor conversation/notes/comments I can't see the discussion without either switching to the full site or editing then URI. (Guess lack of easy access to history is also a possible problem.. but its not the feature I usually find missing.)

Although I think since the last time I actually donated a link to the full site was added at the bottom of the page.

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Been a while since any android related posts, mostly I've not been tinkering much.

However due to me generally running electronics into the ground I still am using for the moment the Verizon Galaxy Nexus.  (probably will upgrade in the new year.. there are starting to be some alternatives I'm interested in)

Anyway since I've not upgraded yet.. and CM stopped making "official" CM builds with CM11-M9 .. and M11 was just released, I manually made a nightly build.

Goodbye #Hulu

Was not convinced of its usefulness for a long time..  Probably on average costing me > $2 per watched episode.  But today it decided to think I was behind a VPN and block me from accessing any video.. Since I'm not (PS3 behind a AT&T router here in NC) I decided this was a good time to stop thinking of canceling and actually cancel.

Somehow I thing an algorithm at Google goofed if its showing me an anti-obamacare ad attached to a minute physics YouTube video.........
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