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Here you go
Welcome to another weekly session of relative opinions and statements regarding street entertainment.

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Room 6
A dark narrative on a  central London squat I stayed in  during the early nineties,my heavy Lou Reed period.  

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you·ve already been programmed
"Rules and models destroy genuis and art." William Hazlett I´m hardly qualified to comment on issues regarding the current system or media culture. I´m not a political scientist or an academic. I´m just a free thinking street artist who see things from a di...

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Places to busk
I  couldn’t 
believe  it , there  it  was
, U.V.F , sprayed  up  there 
with  the  rest 
of  it . Where  the 
fuck  was  I .                                          
Cartagena Not  pretty , not 
ugly  and  not  a  backpackers 
place . Not  big  not 
small ...

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                        Will you ever stop
busking ?   No  I  don’t  think 
I  could , once  you 
start  it’s  hard 
to  stop , once  you 
realize  how  easy 
it  is  to 
step  outside  and 
how  the  majority 
of  people  don't 
really  give  a 
shit  and ...

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Hi there again

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