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Randall Degges
I'm just a happy programmer that likes to hack stuff.
I'm just a happy programmer that likes to hack stuff.

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Oh yeah, just finished some kickass work code, this is going to speed up one of our backend APIs by several orders of magnitude >:)

Hanging out at Third Workplace, writing some code. Pretty great day.

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My wife's comic on me :)

Alright. Back in California! Spent almost 3 weeks with my family back in Indianapolis. 

Now that the holidays are over, time to get shit done.

Let's do this.

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So, I haven't been writing much lately as I'm in the process of moving my blog from Posterous over to Pelican, a static site generator written in Python.

Initially, I thought this would be a fairly quick process...

Posterous stores my posts in HTML format, and hosts my images on Amazon S3. I wrote a script which downloaded each post in it's raw HTML format, all the images, and then used the pandoc tool to convert the HTML documents into Markdown (for use with Pelican).

Unfortunately, due to oddities in the way Posterous handles their HTML stuff, this didn't make for a clean conversion.

As I have written over 129 posts on my blog over the years, most in long-form with images, code, etc.--this means I've got to go through each post manually with Vim, cleaning up things, fixing meta tags, downloading my images and renaming them, etc.

It's been quite a nightmare.

I'm currently still working on converting all my posts into Markdown. I've finished about 45 posts so far, so I've got somewhere around 100 posts left to go.

The only relief I feel in going through this boring, tedious process is knowing that once it's done, my content will be completely decoupled from my blog engine for the rest of my life.

Instead of pairing my writing with a particular platform, I'm version controlling my writing separately, and using site engines as a plug-in for displaying the content.


Anyhow, if you're at all interested in this sort of thing, feel free to follow along with my GitHub progress:

About to watch Silence of the Lambs with my wife. She's apparently never seen it. Talk about crazy.

Just got back from my Thanksgiving trip. Left on Wednesday to go north to Aptos, CA (on the beach) to hang out with my wife's family.

Was a great trip. We had lots of turkey, watched some movies, played card games, good times were had.

I've also got some really awesome ideas for the next several months. >:)

Also: I think I'm going to revert to use G+ for my blog ideas and planning. This is way easier for me than keeping stuff in text files. Hope you all don't mind the brain dump!

So earlier tonight, in a moment of temporary insanity, I went out and got an XBOX 360.

Here's the story:

My only hobby is programming, and my only work is programming, so between programming and programming for the past however long it's been--I haven't really had anything else to do.

Since my wife is out of town in LA this week, I thought it'd be cool to play a game.

Long story short, I went out and got an XBOX with Skyrim + Halo 4. Not too bad. The only thing that sucks is how awful I am at console games after all these years of inactivity ><
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