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Lots of people criticize Starbucks - but here's a few reasons why I think they're not so bad.
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Another reason: the double tall, skinny vanilla latte is quite tasty. 
I'm sitting in a Starbucks right now. Great place to kill time.
well written - and while there is much that is not perfect, there are times especially when I am away from home or my favourite local roasters and Starbucks is the best thing for miles. I also have been known to use a local Peet's, Starbucks or other local coffeehouse as my extended office to meet sales reps or other folks in place of my home/office. And the introduction of the blonde roast is a good sign, tho I have to laugh when that means placing an order for "a tall willow(y) blonde on the clover, with room" . Makes my spouse smile every time he gets in line.
I love Starbucks but one criticism that I have has been the introduction of smelly food.  It clashes with the aroma of coffee, something that I used to relish upon entering.  Sometimes it smells like McDonald's - and that ain't right.  It will be interesting to see what happens with the introduction of alcohol and how/if it will change the clientele.

Starbucks should hire me.  I'm an expert in creating inviting destinations. When it comes to the consumption of food & beverage presentation and environment are important. It's why I go there.
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