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Changes to the ACGME certification process are coming. Are you prepared?

Post has attachment offers performance management hospital executives can leverage to increase efficiency, engage staff and employees and dramatically lower costs associated with waste.

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Joe Davis is now available on Google Plus via this page.

Ned Davis will be available at Google Plus page here:

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License Johns Hopkins Medicine "Perioperative Handoff Toolkit" here > < Increases Patient Safety and fulfills all of the Joint Commission handoff criteria. The Johns Hopkins Perioperative Handoff Toolkit provides a 5-point protocol that standardizes patient handoffs between the surgical and recovery teams and five steps for securing hospital buy-in to adapt the protocol.

Standardizing the perioperative handoff improves hospital safety at the point of transfer and can be adapted to fit the specific requirements of your hospital and your particular peri-procedural setting . The Toolkit defines an essential core team of handoff providers, directs their bedside presence and instructs surgical/recovery teams on how to achieve direct, interactive, real-time communication and face-to-face question clarification. Go to to watch a video, read about outcomes and see Solution details.

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U.S. Hospitals to Face Penalties for Patient Readmission - ABC News Avoid this issue, License the Readmission Reduction Through Glycemia Management only at > <<

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Physician enterprise performance Solutions are now available for license from> < click here to learn more!

Post has attachment ~ Sign up TODAY! Webinars are open to providers and health systems. In order to register for this meeting, you must be a hospital, physician/provider or health system employee. UPCOMING WEBINARS:

> Reduce Readmissions Through Glycemia Management - Adventist Health System’s
> Pelvic Floor and Abdominal Health Program - Rush University Medical Center’s
> Guided Care Chronic Care Management Toolkit - Johns Hopkins Medicine
> High Cost Drugs Guidelines Solution - Partners Healthcare System
> Nursing Strike Preparation and Survival Toolkit – Leading Northeast Health System
> Perioperative Handoff Toolkit – Johns Hopkins Medicine

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Physician management can be the catalyst for many hospitals to adopt rapid transformation. These methods can save money and save lives. License world-class, highly developed healthcare guidelines, protocols and procedures in the Physician Enterprise Performance Solutions category ~ only at!

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Pelvic disorders should be a concern to women in certain risk brackets. Rush University has made available for license the Pelvic Floor and Abdominal Health Program from Pelvic health programs can extend your hospital's ability to service more female patients and grow this segment of your business.

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License this high-value healthcare solution developed by Johns Hopkins Medicine for your hospital. AVAILABLE ONLY AT!
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