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How Teacher's Day is still a major part of academic life
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read all about the Confessions of a Social Media outcast :P
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sitrep Indianindependence2015 Womenofingress

6layers, total mu captured : 10.4million mind units

Even as the tricolour unfurled over the nation on the wee hours of August 15, 2015 for the 69th time heralding in another year of Indian Independence, the Women of Bangalore Resistance also woke up to step forth on a historic day to stake and proudly unfurl a flag of their own on Ingress soil.
For yet another year, the familiar shades of blue engulfed the country in pockets on I-Day but what came up over the city of Bangalore will forever be etched in the history of Ingress in the Indian subcontinent as one celebrating women power. Aptly titled   #OperationFireflies , a truly epic, six-layered cover came up capturing a total of 10.4 million mind units lasting for almost three hours heralding a blazing free spirit era of women power in Bangalore Resistance – by the women, for the women and of the women.

The background

A seed sowed by Agent +sowmya somy @angelinvasion for an OP involving ‘entire women power of Bangalore Resistance’ was lying dormant for a long time and just two days before Independence Day, it was decided to nurture the seed and grow it into a full-fledged operation. Thus, #Operationfireflies   was born. Within the span of two days, available keys were collected. Ramnagar Masjid and Chikka Tirupathi were selected as the anchors and a row of portals on the Doddaballapur route chosen to field allowing the wheels to be set in motion for the girls to take charge. Backed by agent  +Riddhi Dhannawat @ illidan the spirits of the girls started to soar in anticipation of blue glory.

The first step

Before all the glory comes the hard work and under the guidance of agent @Angelinvasion, a total of 27 crosses were meticulously taken down since the portals chosen were within a 100 kms around the city.
A posse of agents volunteered to bring the plan into fulfilment backing the girls with absolute selfless support.

The D Day

With last minute key transfers, linking order sorting and dispatches on August 15 morning, agent   +Harshita S @girlfierce, who became level 6 that very morning drove away to the first anchor in Ramnagar agent +Ashri Ks @VampireRagazza went to the second anchor in Chikka Tirupathi. Agents  @Zoetrix drove to the first fielding location on Doddaballapur highway, but had to later back out due to an emergency. Meanwhile agent +Shruti Ray @PikaaBoo was dropped Off at the next portal, agent  +Anju Balakrishnan @Hakk3n dropped off at the next two portals and agent  +Jayaseeli Rodricks @DCtalk went to the second last portal.Two layers  were scrapped due to shortage of keys to the anchor and a total of six layers finally came up.

The wrench  in the works

With all agents in place 20 minutes before the 12.30 p.m. check point along with agents  +Bhaskar Ramaiah @itisbasi, +Pradeep Kumar @UltraXtrikes and  +Varun TS @dExToR5 and 
 +Anurag Saxena @AjaxInferno standing guard to take down crosses (blockers), chaos ensued as an Enlightened cover came up and crossed the checkpoint. A glimmer of hope came a few minutes later when the Enlightened flipped one of their anchors to make more fields and agent  +vibeesh balan @XtrikerVibes who had accompanied agent @VampireRagazza showed great presence of mind by making a cross link from Chikka thirupathi to Salem blocking any further Enlightened attempts at fielding.

Final glory

Undeterred, the girls patiently bided time at their portals while @Angelinvasion battled surmounting odds and contacted local agents to take down the Enlightened anchors. Agent  +karthik R @karksk proved to be the saviour rushing in the last minute to take down the remaining Enlightened fields. Following this, the blockers were removed and the first link between Ramnagar and Chikka Tirupathi came up and the entire Bangalore Resistance held its breath for the first field. Agent @PikaaBoo brought in the cheer making the first field followed by consecutive links by the other girls @girlfierce, @VampireRagazza, @Hakk3n @DCtalk and finally @girlfierce making the last layer.
Kudos to the superheroes that selflessly drove the girls to their stations and helped clear the crosses without whom the op would not have come to a  pass. Special gratitude for all the gentlemen power who backed the ladies every step of the way and believed in them. Big congratulations to all the women who surpassed all odds in this historic endeavour.

All Girls Linking Team

+Jayaseeli Rodricks @DCtalk
+Ashri Ks @Vampire Ragazza
+Shruti Ray @Pikaaboo
+Anju Balakrishnan @Hakk3n
+Harshita S @girlfierce
+shreyasi @zoetrix

Planning, Intel and Despatch
+sowmya somy @angelinvasion

Ground Backup Team

+vibeesh balan @Xtrikervibes
+Vidyasagarreddy V @Vidyasagar reddy
+Bhaskar Ramaiah @Itisbasi
+sunny roy @TheCrusader
+Anurag Saxena @Ajax Inferno
+Avinash Desai @Asteroidz
+Pradeep Kumar @UltraXtrikes
+Kunal Gautam @kunalpod
+himavanth nag @CrystalDagger
+Varun TS @dextor5
+vivek k nayaka @sawblader
+@VInayak Hegde @skywalkerV

Partners in crime

+Shesh Iyer @MrHigh3r

Chikka Tirupati
+vibeesh balan @Xtrikervibes

+Allan Moses @Slickthief
+Ajay Balakrishnan @Sanpokenjuu
+Kunal Deshpande @Xetmos Origin

#Sitrep   #ResistanceIndia   #IngressIndia   #IndianIndependanc2015   #ResistanceFTW   #RGNN          #WomenofIngress   #NIA   #NIAops   #NIAproject  

+Ingress +Anne Beuttenmüller +Anne Miles +Joe Philley +Pooja Srinivas +NIA Ops +Niantic Project 
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#SitRep  Operation #Preamble  - #RIP18FiftyFive  

"Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!"

*TL;DR: 1.6 Billion MU captured; 23 fields; 0 VRLA and 0 SBULA used! We Tried, We Fell, We Stood-Up, We Conquered! *

@18fiftyfive was an integral part of the Resistance India family. He was a good friend to the resistance family. He lost his life at a very young age last year in March. This OP is a small way of paying our respects to him! You live on in our memories mate! May your Soul Rest in Peace! 


The idea behind this Op was like that of any other Op generally planned. A group of friends, which is now more like a family, tired of doing the same old usual boring stuff wanted to do something big! Something unusual! Something crazy! And this crazy was supposed to be The Beginning of a new trend for Resistance India. Many anchors were discussed, many transfers and travelers looked into and finally was born Operation #Preamble.

Agents from the anchor cities and the once which held the current existing blocks were contacted, group formed and feasibility of the operation was discussed. Excitement and enthusiasm on an all time high after a long time, everyone wanted this op to succeed! After a lot of deliberation and checking keys and transfers and travelers, the anchors were fixed as Mumbai, Rajahmundry and Erode; Mumbai and erode forming the base link and layers coming in from Rajahmundry.

The Fall:

One week before the D-day, crosses were left to decay, people were contacted for the same, and the new blocks looked into for take downs and decays. DAKC(the mumbai anchor) was newly enlightened. This led to multiple discussions regarding the usability of the anchor! 

A Resistance link between 2 remote portals, which was supposed to have decayed, didn’t. The portals were recharged by someone oblivious to the OP. One end of the link was dangerous to go to due to heavy rains and bad roads, the other end was considerably remote! Discussions of postponing the OP to the following weekend started and then shot down due to Rajahmundry agents not being available. More options looked into! 

Drama, Politics, Love-Hate relations! This OP saw it all! So much so that the Op was called off on the Thursday! 

We Conquered! 

Big props to the #SecretWarriors  for all the moral support given to the team and the numerous people who constantly pinged the planning team for actually getting the OP done, that we are writing this report today! It didn’t matter how long the fields lasted or whether they crossed the Checkpoint. All we cared about was to actually get the fields up! *AND WE DID IT! * But remember, This Is Just The Beginning! ;) 

Thanks to all the agents on ground who believed in the OP and helped see this OP through! Without agents on ground, no plans can ever become a reality! You guys are the real heroes! Thank you one and all! 

Base link was made from Erode to Mumbai by agent @3ngineer with the help of @SanpoKenjuu and then the layer were completed from RJY, effortlessly! A last minute scare by the Enlightened agent in Erode almost cost us the fields not crossing the checkpoint! In the end, the anchor portal was jarvised after the checkpoint by the ENL. The fields ghosted for 2 checkpoints after that and were finally down later on sunday afternoon!

Special Mentions:
There were a few people who probably deserve a special mention for going that extra mile: 

Due to issues at the Mumbai anchor, the base was now to go in from Erode to Mumbai. SanpoKenjuu (+Ajay Balakrishnan) from Bangalore volunteered to go for a 6 hour long journey to just take a key from Bangalore to Erode so as to see this Op through! 

Pali takedown: It is not easy to travel to an anchor out of the way with bad roads and low connectivity! Thank you @TheMonya(+Manoj Dhaware) for traveling to the portal and helping see this OP through! 

Mandya:@kmk7(+Gowtham Hegde) volunteered to take down some of the last minute links made by a travelling ENL who blocked us while we didn’t have a back up there in such cases!

Chennai: Last minute blockers by @Trinetra(+Prashanth Raju) which literally cost us the Op were also promptly jarvised by him at the same moment! Thanks mate! 

Sajjangad: Another last minute block, another crazy volunteer! Thank you for traveling last minute for those blocks @Amster007(+Amar Gayakwad)

Belarshah:@princebabuu traveled to Nagpur for a takedown which was finally not needed. But thank you agent for putting in the time and effort! 

Moral Support: This list is endless, has no bounds(be it history or geography) and anonymous. Thank you so much everyone who stood by the team and made sure that the OP happened! There are some people who I can’t thank enough here. No words can do justice there! But well the OP would have never happened had it not been for the #SecretWarriors  (You guys know who you are!)

Intel:@RiftInTime(+Jamie Gainsford) : Thank for all your help with the intel and overwatch. I hope you ended up learning some crazy Indian names while you were at it! ;) 

Video: Thank you +Andreas Hetz  for making the amazing YouTube clip(  for this project! 

The #Preamble  Team

Planning and Co-ordination:



Erode Anchor:


Mumbai cleanup:

Pune cleanup:

Bangalore Cleanup:

Mysore Cleanup:

Chennai cleanup:

Key transfers:



#Ingress #ResistanceFTW #ResistanceIndia #RIP18FiftyFive #RESWUEisAwesome #RGNN #IIDSC  

+Ingress +Anne Beuttenmüller +NIA Ops +Niantic Project +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Pooja Srinivas 
+Anne Miles 

+Resistance Global News Network #RGNN +IIDSC Project 
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