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Shawndra Miller
Freelance writer, working on a book on community resilience
Freelance writer, working on a book on community resilience


Happening tonight!
The Carbon Cycle: Indiana and the World Breathe Together
Irvington Library
Monday, March 18, 2013 6:00 pm
IU professor of geography Dr. Faiz Rahman will provide an update on what we know and don't know about the carbon cycle. Dr. Rahman will share what his team continues to learn and why it matters to Indiana residents.
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“Where will they go from here?...Into a whole new earth. Different from the one that has always supported them. In the manner to which we have all grown accustomed.”
--Dr. Ovid Byron in Barbara Kingsolver's Flight Behavior, about the impact of climate change on the monarch butterfly
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"My breath and yours interpenetrate 30 minutes after being in the same room. Your breath and mine contain molecules from all over the planet. Community already is." --spirit theologian Matthew Fox
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