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Not much this week, beer glass review
Not a lot of beer this week. The fresh hopped Wild IPA from Powell Street was nice. Pleasant mix of all the hop derived fruit flavours with a bit of funk. Not too grassy and just enough tongue tingle from the wild yeast. No where near as grassy as that Phil...

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Still going. Tradding Post Trippel
Review first, ramble second. Not much that caught my eye in the beer world. Might pick up a four pack of the Four Winds Fresh Hopped Wild Ale. This brew uses fresh Cashmere hop, so its topical fruit flavours should only be enhanced by the use of Sacch Trois...

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It's back, a new blog and Lighthouse Ahtanum hop IPA
Did you think I would be gone forever? I did miss it, blogging that is. A lot of beer is still drank, but certainly a lot less. I've been enjoying a lot of blogs and podcasts.  There is a common theme to successful ones. They add value and are creative expr...

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GCBF Rant 2017
And you thought I was finished blogging? Rarely to a miss a chance to rant about beer. The beer list from GCBF this year is out and has quite a few gems. This year I thought about doing a Top Ten list of the beers that I am looking forward to trying and per...

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Excitation Espresso Stout - Category 12
Brewing with coffee, this is a great idea. The ethanol calms you down and the caffeine revs you up. Or the roasted flavours of stout and coffee blend nicely, your pick. There are a few ways to incorporate the goodness of coffee into a beer. The first is to ...

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Sang Du Merle 2016 by Moon Under Water
There are three beers that I feel form the trilogy of fermented flavour awesomeness. The first is my personal favourite Rochefort 10 . The second is by buddy's favourite, Orval . Final spot of honour falls upon my wife's favourite, Rodenbach . If I were str...

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Holy Willie's Robust Porter by Twa Dogs
Porters never get a high score with my rating system. They are just not powerhouse beers. Rarely do you get a porter that adds a complexity of depth that keeps adding new flavours with each sip. Baltic porters maybe, but not English or American. These latte...

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Highway 19 IPA by VIB
I think this is a truly new release from one of Victoria's oldest breweries since 2014. For those keeping score, the last release was Sabotage . Nice to taste something truly new. Not much about this beer on their website, so how does it taste? Highway 19 =...

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Storm Watcher Red Pilsner by VIB
For some unknown reason, I decided to visit VIB today. I heard an empty growler in the trunk and had 30 minutes before violin practice pickup, so growler run it is. The closest place was VIB, Phillips or Moon. Being a beer ticker, I had to try something new...

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Mistress of my Soul Saison by Twa Dogs
15 minutes, Go. In case you were under a rock somewhere, or using Google+ instead of Facebook, you might not have heard that Twa Dogs brewing is now operational. You might also know them as Victoria Caledonian Brewing and Distilling . I am more concerned ab...
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