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Yang Xiao Long 『 陽小龍 』 (TheSparkstarScope)
"I'm hotter than the Sun in the middle of July!"
"I'm hotter than the Sun in the middle of July!"


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「I'm a thrill-seeker. I want to travel around the world and get wrapped up in as many crazy adventures as I can. And if I help people along the way, then that's even better. It's a win-win, y'know?」

[Post updated in: March 10th, 2018]

〘Character Info〙
"Heya! I'm Yang Xiao Long, ex-student of Beacon Academy and a proud member of Team RWBY! Currently on a quest to explore whatever interesting thingy I find, and help my teammates when needed. Peoople say that I'm the kinda person who would 'teach someone how to swim by pushing them in the water', and I actually did that the other day! It... Wasn't the best idea. What can I say? I just go with the flow. Oh, anyway! I love adventuring, and my hobbies include that, making puns, playing games and punching things. And boy, do I do that last one a lot. My gauntlets, Ember Celica, sure do a number on whoever they touch. Just don't get me mad, and you're good!"

〘Admin Info〙
Hello once again! This is The Sparkstar Scope, AKA Ichiki Hayaite (Or UltLolwut for my older followers, but I would rather not be called that anymore.) I'm a 20 year old at the time of writing. I'm an amateur writer, and a big dreamer. I consider myself a charismatic person, but I also don't mind showing my emotions and bringing them forth when needed.
Yes, this is an account based on Yang Xiao Long from RWBY, and yes, it might be used for roleplaying as well. Don't expect much from me, but if you have a cool idea or something, feel free to ask. I also have several OCs, some of which may make the cut around here.

Before I forget, here are a few extra comments: My mood changes too often. I can be on my usual hyper-go-happy self, and then suddenly post rants or just straightforward ask for attention. I'm not bipolar, I just have a short temper and patience. But don't expect things like "i will go kill myself" with some dumb poll with "yes or no", or silly drama. My issues mainly come from stress, which can always be solved with a nice conversation. I am also not really good with trust at first. How relevant is that? Well, following people turns out to be a bit of a hassle. I can get pretty skeptical about content so if I don't add you back, don't take it personally, it's a thing about what I get to see on my feed or what kind of person you are. Just send me a comment or private post about it, and we can talk, no probs.

Now that that's out of the list, here's some of my content:
• Video Games, Phantasy Star and Mega Man in particular;
• Anime (Not much, don't expect a lot);
• Memes; (sometimes really dank)
• Technology (Science, engineering, space stuff etc.);
• Random aesthetics and music every so often;
• RWBY (yes it deserves its own dot shush);
• Roleplays.

That should be all the points worth mentioning for now. The rest is up to you to find out by interacting with me. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your time!

Notable people who may or may not be active on G+ but are still good friends (List may be updated):
+Luna Takume​​​​​​
+D MAS​​​​​​
+Katsuragi The Dragon Queen​​​​​​
+Zara Wolfe​​​​​​
+Satan-sama The cool dude​​​​​​
+Kouji Kabuto​​​​​​
+Steel Titanium​​​​​​
+Black Ace​​​​​​
+Naimah Begum​​​​​​
+Lady Catfish​​​​​​
+Keebo The Ultimate Robot​​​​​​
+Cory Enos​​​​​​
+Ghost Princess​​​​​​
+Mari Makinami​​​​​
+Peri Walker ღ​​​​​
+Lorekeeper Zinnia, Draconid​​​​
+Rosette Lalonde​​​
+Yotsuba B​​

Steam: The Sparkstar Scope
Twitter: @SparkstarScope
Discord: Ichiki Hayaite#9143
3DS Friend Code: 5172-5673-8493

P.S.: This is an edit of an edit OF AN EDIT of a previous pinned post. Make of this info what y'all will.
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Most of these look Brazilian wtf.
Pictures of people who have ascended past godhood
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Oh also. I've been playing that MMO I mentioned last week, Closers. Fun stuff.

Too bad that my main Harpy's story was getting super depressing, and I started to get a like for another character. That other character is J.

The funny part is: He is punchy.
He punches shit. And is the coolest boi.
Just like a certain blondie that ALSO became my fav.
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I now have bootleg batteries.
And I'm honestly scared of using them.
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God ok
Lemme tell you
With a spoiler tag here but

Even though he ain't exactly a villain he was being manipulated Shizuru Shu is fucking hot and I am legally allowed to love him.
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