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Jim Pemberton
Maverick minister of the gospel, autodidact, husband and father.
Maverick minister of the gospel, autodidact, husband and father.

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Just a suggestion for an improvement on the Feedly iPhone app: make it to where media will continue to play when the screen goes off. Thanks.

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Gender Reality and the Greatest Gift
Monty Python Video: HT: Triablogue  Reality – it always goes back to how you know what reality is. But the question is whether we are constrained to our gender, however we want to define it, or whether we more than our gender. How you answer that question r...

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The Place of the Family in Reconciling Sinners to God
I’ve been watching and listening to the recent conference of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission on Homosexuality and the Future of Marriage. Towards the end Christopher Yuan talked about how parents upon finding out that an older child is gay shoul...

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In the category of feeds not refreshing, I have another example:

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They Seem To Be Used Interchangeably
Hermeneutics: the art of analyzing and interpreting the meaning of text. This is a key element to discovering what it true according to the Bible and vitally important to developing Christian doctrine. The title of this article, They Seem To Be Used Interch...

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Being Strong and Delicate on Sin
Being Strong and Delicate on SinWhen dealing with the sins of brothers and sisters in Christ, we must be both strong and delicate. We must be strong on sin. That is to say that we must be clear on what sin is. This goes two directions: First, we must unders...

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Is God In Time?
If you want a good radio program to listen to each week,
you should listen to Greg Koukl’s program produced by Stand to Reason. He
addresses some of the current events from the standpoint of a Christian
apologist and he is always thought-provoking. It’s tri...

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Do Not “Just Be Yourself”
A popular and almost cliché admonition is to “just be
yourself”. The admonition stems from the observation that many people are
obviously disingenuous in their social interactions. We run into a salesperson
who smiles and uses ploys to get us to buy somethi...

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Here's an interesting idol you don't normally hear about. The command for parents is to train up children in the way they should go. The command for children is to honor their parents. The worship of youth has led to people obsessed with looking young and despising their age as they grow older. Consequently, many people don't mature much beyond adolescence. Without an appropriate view of maturity, elders are despised and their wisdom dismissed.
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