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Warning - I BLOG! :-)

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Gamma World!!

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Spelljammer in Pathfinder.
Had to borrow some antique Spelljammer books to know what's what. I love the concept. Great way to toss out contemporary physics while bringing the feel to D&D.
This is supposed to be able to make appropriate stats to run Spelljammer with Pathfinder.

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The GOP have been putting vets on pikes, like war trophies to wave around, for decades.

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Fantastic Heroes & Witchery - OSR
You ever flip through a book, and find that one thing that sells it to you?  Yeah, I so need a copy of Fantastic Heroes & Witchery , entirely based on this image.  Well, okay, this image and the fact that Mark Craddock uses it.  Mark manages a game store, s...

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+Emily Vitori threw out a cool idea, and I ended up finding this page

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Size Matters: Wine Bottles
So, apparently, but some bottles aren't just kitchy good fun, but also help the wine inside age more slowly .  Huh. ( source )

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A college course on calling out scientific crap.

Tired of alternative facts, fake news, and breathless hyperbole, two professors at the University of Washington are trying to strike a blow for science. Their weapon? A new course: “Calling Bullshit In the Age of Big Data.” The class website and colorful syllabus went online last month and almost instantly went viral.

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Butt Lasers
Because sometimes a non sequitur about "butt lasers" is just that funny. 

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I've been in a shitty mood lately, and more combative than normal. I do want to know what you think!
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