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Get your grammar fix here!
We've just updated the grammar and resources section on our website. Search the index and full site from this page:

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"Hurry up and get to the back of the ship!" Tom said sternly.

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Speak to the organ grinder, not the monkey

Talk to the boss, not the subordinate.

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Adverbs of manner tell us how someone does something or how something happens. They usually come after the main verb:

He drank quickly. [after the verb]
He drank the water quickly. [after the object]

Most adverbs of manner end in –ly. Exceptions include well, hard, late and fast.

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From the archive
Qualifiers: how to sound more polite in a business negotiation

If you often attend meetings and negotiations as part of your job, you will know how important it is to avoid direct disagreement.

A disagreement can occur if we make a very direct and simple statement to express what we’re thinking. Statements which are too direct can sound confrontational and as a result the person you’re negotiating with may be offended or get upset.

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Tap to Translate
This looks very useful and should also be a lot of fun.
Instantly translate text within any app on your Android phone. Just copy the text and your translation pops up right there.

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In British English it's a ladybird. In the US it's a ladybug.
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