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Not even the rebellion was out of reach of the Borg it would seem.  It was easy to blow up a giant sphere… but a giant cube?  Resistance it seems, truly is futile. 
Although being a little short for a Borg, Lukeutus remains an assimilated part of the collective.  Strangely, contrary to the rest of the Borg, the only phrase he would repeat was…

“May the Force Live Long and Prosper”



The head was sculpted from scratch out of an old base mesh. For the tubes I created a custom insert curve brush in zbrush which saved a lot of time. The hair was done with the yeti plug-in, and everything was rendered in Arnold. Nuke was used to composite the image this time, instead of my usual Photoshop, and considering the full image is 4kx2k 300dpi 32 bit, seemed the logical software to use. Arnolds zdepth is particularly tricky, so finding that perfect balance was challenging but was easily manageable using Nuke.
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