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Has anyone come across or a bicycle mount for their N7?
I'm playing ingress and think it would be handy, but concerned about whether the N7 will hold up to the possible bumps and impact forces of potholes and such.

Has anyone updated their ingress app to 1.20? Just wondering if good/bad before I do.

Hey SF Enlightened Brethren,
Do you wish you could play ingress with a friend?

I can help, Niantic has blessed me with a activation code,

my friends are iPhone users, or aren't interested in devoting much time to the game.
I live near market/Octavia, smurfs are strong around here ( Hayes valley, Castro, Dolores, Alamo square,upper mission) could use another player near by.

Respond to me here, I'll email the code to you.:-)

Question, any body know how to dismiss/ turn off an alarm when actively using your nexus 7 .. Just had one go off and not pop up the alarm notification with the circle swipe away that I normally seen when the alarm goes off from a sleep state... Perhaps a one time fluke??

Questions , so whats the best way to recharge a portal, while at the portal since key are few for remote charging?
Centered on portal or centered on individual resonator's,
might it be better to replace/upgrade a very low health resonator if its low level. ??

Question, do portals with higher level resanators give higher level items when hacked, or is it random ?

Hey decoders you might want to check out +Michael Serra recent photo/video posts I think their might be some #ingressinvites or maybe pass codes hidden in them, 

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Is any trying to decode this magnificent picture +Michael Serra been known to give out #ingressinvites to the 1st person to post the answer he might be after. 

Smurf farm in golden gate park sf, ( deyoung museum) needs to be plowed under. Im low on L5 xmp, but could trade many many L6-L8 xmp.
Any one out there interested in group effort on this?
Perhaps eve tonight, or ? Sunday 

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I might have to get one of these.
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