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OK - So I have been thinking about the next console "war"...

The PlayStation 4 (+Sony PlayStation, #PS4) will be a very different console to the #PS3, a whole new hardware system, moving away from proprietary hardware to a more universal x86 based system (more like a #PC).
The controller has been redesigned quite allot adding a 'light bar' a 'share' button and a touch sensitive area as well as making it lighter and faster (as far as I have read).

The "Next Xbox, Xbox 720, Durango etc." (#Xbox720) will be mostly the same as the #360 as far as I can tell, just with a very nice upgrade.
The #360's controller is reported to also be very much the same as it's predecessors with just the size becoming smaller. Obviously +Microsoft Corp. have not officially announced or released details of the next console they will be releasing.

The "Steam Box" (+Steam , +Valve ,#SteamBox) is an entirely new console from a #PC based company. The console/PC hybrid is reported to be a very powerful, very small #PC based on the +Linux and +Valve Linux OS and system that will "not look out of place in the living room", as for controllers and the like there are no details that I can find.

OK - Now onto my thoughts...
I like what I have seem about the #PS4, I like the look of the controller, it looks like it will fit better and more comfortably in my giant hands. I really like the inclusion Share Button, I have been thinking of making gaming videos for a while but never got around to it because of financial, performance, and time costs; the share button will negate these issues - at least on/for the #PS4. As it stands now I think that is all I can put my opinion on.

My opinions on the next #Xbox console are very limited as no real details have been released. Apparently the Controller is almost exactly the same as the current generation's, I personally do not own an Xbox 360 but I do own an Xbox 360 controller for my PC and I do like it, maybe even more then the #PS3's controller, it feels nicer in my large hands and even with my C.M.T (Disability) my hands do not cramp or feel fatigued as quickly as the do with the PS3 controller.

As for the Steam Box again no details have really been released but this should be much easier to speculate, it will most certainly be based on the x86 architecture just like any #PC you can buy or build today. We do know it will have a Linux based OS possibly with a +Windows 8 option. It will run +Steam and that is how you will get to, purchase and play your games. The console will (IMO) need to have a multi core (4+) x64 CPU, at least 8GB of RAM (Preferably GDDR5) and hopefully expandable too a 32GB limit would be nice, it will also need a very powerful expandable GPU, the storage would need to be upgradable as well 2-3 drive bays would be preferred.

For what I think could be improved, added etc to the consoles;

All - Make sure this time the internet WiFi system can keep up, all the consoles should come fitted with internal IEEE 802.11ac.
Fast HDDs/SDDs and make them upgradable without proprietary restrictions.
More to come I am sure.

PS4 - TBH I am not sure right now what could be added to or improved upon with the PS4, /i will have to get back to you.
Xbox720 - Add a Blu-ray drive. Console "War" winning idea make the next Xbox console duel boot to windows (7 & 8) and you WIN this generation, all the benefits of a console AND all the benefits of a PC including +Steam . - If you did this I would by one day 1.

Steam box - just make sure its as easy to upgrade as a PC and your doing fine!

So that wall of text is/are my thoughts on the next console "war". any input? 

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Love this, creative.

Anyone else waiting for a #Nexus version of +Google TV ?

I love the idea of +Google TV but the only one that looks any good is the +Sony version ( and to be honest I have had a few +Google products made by +Sony and the updates either take a very(!) long time to come or never come at all. I think I personally will have to wait for a #Nexus version of +Google TV .

Does anyone have any news if one is coming?

Any thoughts or comments?

Just run this with my #Nexus4, very impressed. I think I can wait until my next phone for #4G #LTE.

I am with #VirginMobileUK BTW.

Test Date: Dec 22, 2012 6:38:34 PM
Connection Type: Cell
Server: Maidenhead
Download: 19427 kbps
Upload: 2360 kbps
Ping: 48 ms

A detailed image for this result can be found here:

Ookla operates using a massive global infrastructure to minimize the impact of Internet congestion and latency. With millions of tests performed every day across hundreds of servers, is the ultimate resource for bandwidth testing and related information. Visit it on your computer today to find out why.
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