Hey guys, I made three extra PDFs to elaborate on the core rules. Kind of like the Playbook Plus stuff.
- The Hireling
- Combat & Equipment
- The GM

All of them have been designed in the same format as the official playbooks, for flavor and consistency. I didn't use the actual fonts though.

The Hireling is probably the most useful for everyone. I took Hireling rules in the book and reformatted it into a playbook form. I renamed "unassigned skill points" as Competence for flavor.

Combat & Equipment contain a lot of really important rules that should be part of the official play kit. Using the DW Guide, I fully elaborated Hack & Slash rules, with a focus on when or not a game fiction action should trigger the Hack & Slash move. Another important, often overlooked rule is that, on a 7-9, the enemy does NOT deal damage immediately. It makes an attack, which can either be a soft (chance to respond) or hard move (deal damage). There are also a lot of important references, such as tags, rules for multiple targets/attackers, ammo and cover. One of the first questions I had playing the game was how weapons & range affect combat, and one of my first mistakes was using Hack & Slash directly instead of describing the triggering action. Hopefully, this reference clarifies those points and makes battles more interesting.

The GM is where I took GM rules and reformat it into a playbook. The interesting thing about Dungeon World is that the GM is bound by the rules as much as the players are. Therefore, they can only make moves in response to triggers, as opposed to "at any time." There are a number of triggers that allow the GM to make moves. In Appendix 2 of Dungeon World, there are also "starting GM moves" that a first-time DW GM should stick to during the first couple of sessions. It also has a section for Monster stats, with rules for tags & group attacks. And finally, I included the treasure generator from the book. This GM playbook is what I envision the official GM playbook should have been.

I hope they improve your Dungeon World experience. :)

The Hireling:

Combat & Equipment:

The GM:
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