I ran a poor session last week as the GM. Maybe I was tired that night, but I ended up improvising really poorly, and pretty much stuck to Show Signs of An Approaching Threat and Deal Damage for most of the adventure. It got repetitive real fast.

To fix that, I'm taking a new approach inspired by Perilous Wilds and World of Dungeons. The GM can roll to see what happens, sometimes. I made another 2-page PDF that has tables to help decide which GM Move to use.

I used 2d6, because the probability bell-curve fits with how Show Signs of An Approaching Threat, Deal Damage and Put Someone in a Spot should be used more often than, for instance, Use a Danger Move. I also shortened the names of most GM Moves to make them easier "at a glance."

On the back is a condensed list of class opportunities based on the Opportunity sheet I made several days ago. Unlike GM Moves, this one needs to use 1d12 instead for even distribution.

Finally, I threw in Critical Success that's based on World of Dungeons, because why not.

I tested this out in an one-on-one adventure that lasted about 3 hours. It worked out way better! So much so that I want to write a session report about it. It was an amazing adventure.

Have fun, and hope it enhances your Dungeon World experience as it did mine. :)
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