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We spent 3 days at Lee's to see a Dave Matthews show this past weekend. The place was absolutely packed full of high school kids getting drunk. There was no established campsites. With the rain, the entire campground turned into a swamp, and parking was not available near the campsites. We were lucky enough to get their early and find a spot to put our tent that wasn't in 6" of water like the rest of the grounds. The price was $25 per person, per night, so for the 10 of us to camp 3 nights, it cost us $750 for one site. On both nights when we went to the concert, our campsites were ravaged when we returned, firewood, food, chairs, and beverages all stolen. On checkout day, security came over and started shaking our tents at 9:30am telling us we have to leave, the park is closed. When we asked them where they've been the rest of the weekend, their response was "We try not to be around, we like to give you guys the privacy you want so you can all smoke weed and do whatever you want". Apparently they cater to letting high school kids get drunk and high with no supervision, but as an adult, I would have preferred some actual security for the money we paid. tl;dr: unless you're a high school kid looking for someone to turn a blind eye to you and all your friends being drunk idiots, don't go here during any bigger concerts
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