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We look forward for your organization to come on board with this Common United Platform (CUP) INDIA Redefined platform and be an example for other corporate of engaging at citizen level, where we create more doers, thereby helping redefine the country. Our vision, "A Happy India" - achieving happiness being the ultimate goal where all your problems are solved, is an inclusive vision where different visions of solving problems of India can easily be amalgamated. This way a participative process of diverse groups coming together on one large platform can be created which can have the required momentum to change the country. 

Please share your email, so that I can sent you mail for the broad categories and some activities photos which have been done (or underway) under INDIA Redefined movement. This should give you a fair idea of the range of activities or projects your Organization could be associated with. We are also open to create some customized activity/s also, if required. Once you and your team has gone through the mail, you can identify a few pilot activities for which we can work on the details of engagement, processes, impact assessment, 3rd party audit etc. 

Currently we are in process of creating a presentation for corporate engagement which I will be glad to share with you in due course. 

Be a part of Collective Responsibility of four pillars of a nation, namely Citizens, Corporate, NGOs & Government on Common United Platform-INDIA Redefined which is aiming to make more Doers than Beneficiaries. Best Humanitarian Initiative 2009 award winner INDIA Redefined (IR) is a Non-Political Citizens Empowerment Movement. 

INDIA Redefined has not taken any donation till now. Thousands of activities which you see on website were done voluntarily.NGOs are associated with 3rd Sector Partnership program given on , Students do Internship Programs given on website & Common people join as Volunteers in Activities details given on website.We also need Media Partners.You can see the pics of activities on or 

INDIA Redefined's Ist phase started in 2009 engaging Common People - making them Doers, In the IInd phase we engaged NGOs through our 3rd sector Partnership prog with Common people. Now in 2014 as our IIIrd phase, we are initiating Citizens Corporate Collective Responsibility by engaging Corporate bodies and helping them with their CSR activities. Many organizations have come forward because of our uniqueness of having local people /citizens volunteering in the activities 

INDIA Redefined carries out activities under following four verticals - 
1) Clean India - related to bringing urban, rural, community and neighborhood cleanliness 
2) Green India - related to Environment & Sustainability 
3) Healthy India - related to Health, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH) 
4) Educate India - related to Awareness building, Education, Skill Development, Improving Employability etc. 

We look forward to your association in following ways with INDIA Redefined - 
a) For fund raising through donation from your organization for INDIA Redefined to our parent body "Thinking Hearts Foundation" 
b) Sponsoring your CSR activities through INDIA Redefined platform and activities 
c) Direct Financial support through donation to our parent body "Thinking Hearts Foundation" for -Corpus building 
d) Project or Activity specific support 

Best regards 

Ranjana Kanti (Founder) 
INDIA Redefined 

"Lets aim to make more Doers than Beneficiaries "

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