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Mike Dobson-Hornett
Ultra Trail Runner complete with camera
Ultra Trail Runner complete with camera

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The Crosses 53 - 4th July 2015 ............ and it all started so well.
After what has proved to be an extremely busy year on business, and hence away from these Northern trails, it was with extreme hope, probably above expectation, coupled with a certain amount of trepidation that I arrived at the start line of the running of ...

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Falcon Flyer - 7th March 2015
"Submarine warfare seen in World War One was responsible for one of the most important developments
in British forestry!" Caught your attention? The first of the 2015 quartet of Challenge Events organised by SRMRT  remains the Falcon Flyer:  A 20 mile circu...

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You must read Rob MacFarlane should you have any interest in the history and language of place ....

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Proper Lakeland pics courtesy of Karen ...

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Golden Jubilee Lyke Wake Race - 12th July 2014
“When you go in with a silent swish, you know it’s going to
be deep …” This quote could only relate to the Lyke Wake Walk – the 42
mile trek along the North Yorkshire Moorland paths and trails between
Osmotherley, on the western edge of the moors, and Raven...

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A Fylingdales Round - 5th July 2014
... and 14 miles on a steaming hot July moorland Saturday afternoon; bagging two of the many ancient stone crosses on the North Yorkshire Tops along the way. Always remaining a goal of mine is to complete the 54 mile Moorland Crosses Round however a seeming...

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Ravenscar Half Marathon - 11th May 2014
Following hot on the heels of our first ever road marathon
completion, rushing around the streets of Paris back on an early April Sunday
morning, with hardly any opportunity to stop and take it all in; the city, the
sights, the journey; then how refreshing ...

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Wuthering Hike - 15th March 2014
Sitting cramped amongst fellow competitors at the end of my 6th Wuthering Hike, in the Haworth Primary School, with a scalding cup of tea in front of me and with a spoonful of hot vegetables and a crusty chunk of bread poised in mid air I froze stock still....

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Falcon Flyer - 8th March 2014
Spring has Sprung! ... Or it would do tomorrow morning however one of the final flings of winter saw us running out of Ravenscar, up eastwards into the teeth of such a breeze that slapped our faces that I never thought I'd make it to the top of the lane, ju...

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Atrial Fibrillation - A personal discovery with a shocking treatment
Atrial Fibrillation Association, Tuesday 14 January 2014, UK: Across the
UK incidents of the serious heart condition, atrial fibrillation, have
increased by just over 20% in the last five years. By the age of 40
each person has a 25% chance of developin...
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