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Absolute and Relative positioning are a pain to figure out, but you'll be a master after reading this article.
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Hi, I have read your article on :target pseudo class. Actually I have  arrived on  this article in order to understand this, specially the magic of event click. You have done this using :target.

Sir, I am also using the :target pseudo in my design to work with server side elements(form). However I am not able to access /exampe#link2example automatically. (scenario: I have created a tab container using html and css. Let's say  user has made payment on a tab then I would like to send him/her to product selection tab.)

I have read in your article that this :target pseudo is helpful to do styling and one wants to jump on other section s/he can access it fragment identifier.  so in these situation I am unable to do so.
sir, if you have some available time could you please throw some light how one can do this either using javascript/jquery or some other css trick. (with the help of some little example).

Thank you!
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