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Engineer, Inventor

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Our little Savannah cat

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Comparing BMCC RAW and Canon 5D Mark II Magic Lantern RAW
Here is a quick comparison with these two. In my opinion both can be inter-cut to same movie with no problem. I am getting continuous RAW recording with 16GB Sandisk Extreme Pro 160 MB/s UDMA 7 card in the 2.35:1 crop on 5D mark II which is good enough IMO.

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Run Retina Macbook Pro at its native resolution for optimal BMCC video editing
The new Macbook Pros come with panel resolution 2880x1800. This is very good resolution for a laptop - it is more pixels than the current Apple Thunderbolt display or 27 inch iMac. The problem with the scaling in the Retina Macbook Pro is that when you woul...

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Libraw settings
To final colors (a bit like lut applied): dcraw_emu -6 -T -H 1 -q 3 -n 0 -fbdd 0 -m 19 -c 0 -g 2.2 12 -b 1.5 filename.dng I have used this to make clean green screen plates. This produces clean flat images that can be used to build 2.5K ProRes that can be e...

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Qucik note on sharpening BMCC ProRes footage
I have been experimenting on how to sharpen the BMCC footage shot in the ProRes mode.
There is a huge difference on the quality of the outcome for different tools.
The sharpening tool in FCPX (from Motion) seems to filter the noise to become more prominent ...

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