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Romain Gentit
Designer, Art Director, Film Maker, Illustrator, Motion designer, VFX
Designer, Art Director, Film Maker, Illustrator, Motion designer, VFX

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Andrew Carnegie's 10 Rules Of Success 

These ten rules are worth posting somewhere visible until they become ingrained in your everyday thinking!

Because these principles formed the foundation of Napoleon Hill's Think & Grow Rich:

1. Define Your Purpose

Have a clear and compelling idea of what your future will look like. 

Know what you want and why you want it. 

Create a plan of action and start working towards it.

2. Create A Master-Mind Alliance

Partner with people "who have what you haven't" and "who play at what you find hard work."

Build support networks of people you can trust and who complement you and your vision. 

Successful people are rarely ‘self-made.’ Every high achiever knows how to enlist support and guidance along the way.

3. Go The Extra Mile

Doing more than you have to do inspires and lifts others

Be prepared to put a few years hard graft in so you can reap the rewards and live like few people can a few years later ...

4. Practice Applied Faith

Believe in yourself and your purpose so fully that you act with complete confidence.

Let your goals and values guide your actions and behaviors – not the other way around!

5. Have Personal Initiative

Do what you have to regardless of what stands in your way.

Know your strengths and abilities and keep developing them 

Don’t wait for stuff to happen; make stuff happen!

6. Indulge Your Imagination

People resist change but are wowed by reinvention!

7. Exert Enthusiasm

A positive attitude sets you up for sustainable success

It also attract others to your cause.

Do you know the difference between thermometers & thermostats? 

Thermometers react to and are influenced by the environment

While thermostats set standards that the environment adapts to. 

So set the standard and never settle!

8. Think Accurately

Develop the ability to separate fact from fiction 

Use only what's relevant to your own concerns and path.

Use your senses & your smarts to track what's working or not.

Only by measuring your results can you improve upon them.

9. Concentrate Your Effort

Know what’s most important and prioritize accordingly.

Focus on one task at a time and switch off distractions.

Where you focus your attention is where you channel your energy.

So split your attention and you scatter your energy!

10. Profit From Adversity

Accept full responsibility for your actions and situation. 

Admit any mistakes and rectify them.

Plus there is nearly always an equivalent benefit for every setback

So be known for your determination and resourcefulness. 

Stay optimistic and keep working towards a more compelling future.

Above all, remember, the world loves those who always give their best!

#successprinciples   #successtips   #wednesdaywisdom  

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10 Ways You Create Your Own Future!

1) Be the best version of yourself (and share this with others)

2) Constantly take yourself to the edge of your comfort zone and learn to ride the changes 

3) Fully commit to the results you’re looking for and eliminate any distractions or blocks to your success

4) Acknowledge all the resources you have available to you (guaranteed you have more than you think!)

5) Recognize the wealth / abundance all around you and those who are succeeding (who you can model).

6) Broaden your definition of success and look for more ways to collaborate with others and to take better care of yourself.

7) Stay focused on what’s working and what's right in your world eg opportunity, rather than scarcity.

8) Find ways around obstacles and setbacks - see them as learning / growth opportunities!

9) Always have high expectations (believe it and you’ll see it!)

10) Trust yourself more!

Life is a dance; be open to following it wherever it might lead you.

Remember you don't need to know everything; just that you are clear on your next best step, together with an unwavering positive "can-do" attitude!

#sundaymorning   #attitudeiseverything   #motivation  

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