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I really like the different scenarios in the upcoming hardcore game, I should have done this in a previous game. :)

It's interesting that in the hardcore game, it's like you are purposely looking for skills and skill combinations that are unbalanced.

Not sure if I have mentioned this but Zombasite: Orc Schism bridges the story line between Zombasite and the hardcore game.

In our hardcore game, because of how characters mutate over time and how you "breed" to get a new character, characters are very unique.

There are way more secrets in the expansion and the hardcore game than in Zombasite.

In the hardcore game, the rules of the scenario are very important. I just safely fled away from my town because I don't need to protect it.

It is getting really hard to not post about US politics. It would be a fascinating TV show, movie, or game, too bad it's all real.

While playtesting the hardcore game today, I lost 4 characters to a large group of stalker hunters. The 5th character got a lot of loot. :)

In the Zombasite expansion, NPCs start causing trouble before they go fully insane so there is less of an abrupt change.

Happy Independence day America! For everyone else, I hope you have a great Tuesday!
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