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I'm trying to give G+ for Android/mobile a good workout to review for CNN. Anyone out there on mobile tonight? What's you experience? Likes/hates? Puzzlements? Pls comment!
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See my earlier post about gApps confusion, having to create yet another gmail account (YAGA?) and now the new one still doesn't show up in the Android app. siiiiiiiiigh.
Not fully baked yet. #surprise
In other news though, that did finally get Google Music on my mobile working. #bittersweet
I've found overall that the mobile experience (Android App) is pretty good. What I appreciate about it at this point--they've publicly stated that it's a 'field test', so I don't expect it to be 100%--is that they've clearly thought about what makes mobile different and how the experience should reflect that. So the app isn't simply this shrunk down, but a fundamentally different thing that accesses the same core data. They want the mobile experience to be truly mobile, hence something like Huddle, which only exists on the mobile app, or the instant upload photo feature (which honestly is worth the price of admission alone). I like it, and the kinks will get worked out.
Finally got it working! (Fix: clear data, force stop, uninstall, reinstall.) Only thing is that every time I go to Huddle, it's just stuck on "Loading." And +1 to Dan about the mobile-only features. Great design.
I just learned that if you're looking at the Stream and you swipe to the left, you'll see nearby updates that have been geocoded, and if you swipe to the right, you'll see your "Incoming" notifications.
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