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En Route to Book Expo
This morning I was talking to a colleague who said, "I'll be at BookExpo the rest of the week so we can follow up on this after I--" At which point I cut her off with a semi-squealy "Me too!" Because indeed, friends, I will be attending BookExpo America (BE...

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A Little (Alliterative) Spring Spirit: SCBWI Conference in Sacramento
Last weekend I had the somewhat unexpected and wholly delightful opportunity to attend the 2017 Spring Spirit Conference for the SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) chapter of North/Central California. (Take a breath! That was a long...

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Game Changers
Recently I've been thinking about two reading experiences that changed my life. (Oh joy, you're thinking, one of those posts. I know. Bear with me.) It's been a rough few weeks, people. Example No. 1. Last fall, around the same time I was working on the non...

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On Gratitude, Editing, and 2016
What a year, folks. What. A. Year. Last week as Thanksgiving approached, I was at a loss for a blog post topic until the obvious choice smacked me in the face. The foundational myth of the first Thanksgiving and its implications for generations of Americans...

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Hamilton, Star Wars, and Radically Relatable Children's Lit
You knew there had to be
a  Hamilton  post. But if you feel like you’ve already heard
more than enough about the brilliant Broadway hip-hop tribute to America’s
first treasury secretary, A) you’re dead to me, and B) don’t worry, this isn’t
really (or at lea...

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A Call for Middle-Grade Fiction Submissions
It’s always dangerous to ask a person between the ages of 10
and 14, “What do you want?” Scratch that. It’s dangerous to ask any person that question. Which doesn’t
mean you shouldn’t ask it—only that you should be prepared. People often want
surprising, fr...

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What Do Shailene Woodley and Platypuses Have in Common?
In the spirit of our Comparing Animal Traits series, I'm kicking off the Fourth of July weekend with a celebration of diversity and unity, exploring what makes various people, animals, and places both similar and distinctive. See how well you do on the quiz...

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The Myth of Boring History: Sharing the Suspense with Kids
Full disclosure: I'm a history nerd.
If I weren't working as a children's book editor, I'd probably be an
underemployed social studies teacher or a barely-paid tour guide at a historic
site. But since I  am  working as a children's book editor, I
get to hel...

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How to Be an Awesome Freelance Author
I've worked with some great authors on work-for-hire projects aimed at the school/library market. I would like to work with even more great authors. It's not hard to become a standout work-for-hire author. Besides writing skills (of course), the magic ingre...

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Look What I Found...
Lerner books follow me everywhere. A few weekends ago I stopped at my local Saint Paul library (yes, the most shocking place to discover a Lerner book...but hear me out) and in the midst of browsing the history section I happened to come across a suspicious...
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