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Anyone want a Heroes of the Storm Beta key? Got 5 to hand out

There are two kinds of people in this world

Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data

I'll just leave this here...


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Crouching Kitten Hidden Mouse..

commin at'cha!

Having yet another go at CM9 on my SII, it is so much slicker than Touchwiz.

My major gripe is the very basic alarm clock, I haven't found anything as good as the Touchwiz clock app (simple, looks nice, reliable, mp3 alarms, stopwatch, timer)

Anyone got any suggestions? I am currently attempting to force the stock clock app onto aosp, but requires installing half of Touchwiz back by the looks of it!


Nearly 8 million Americans have a licence to carry a concealed firearm? wtf!
35% are women so fashion designers are creating clothing lines that help conceal a gun so you can still carry a lethal weapon and look good on your first date.... Wtf!

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I'll just put this here
lol #samsunglaunchfail

#samsunglaunchfail why no trending?

Personal Issue, if anyone has any experience with android:

Since running ICS 4.0.3 on my SII I haven't been able to unfreeze frozen apps via Mybackup/Titanium Backup.

Developers of the software are not aware of any issues with ICS, I have root ok, I have tried reinstalling Busybox just in case.

When entering the commands manually with terminal emulator on device/adb

pm enable PACKAGE_NAME


Package PACKAGE_NAME new state: disabled

Anyone got any ideas?

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Playing with #instagram
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