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Nicholas Shapiro

I would want to be played by Jonah Hill. He's a funny man.

My favorite food is undoubtedly chocolate. I like it in most any form. I always need it when I need something to cheer me up and I always buy some after any major event in my life. I especially love it in Pave (pah-veh), a dish made with chocolate mixed with dulce de leche poured over lady fingers, that my grandmother makes but I also like a brand of chocolate I get in Brazil called Lingua de Gato.

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Okay, I missed the first thing, so just very quick introduction, I'm Nick, I'm from Westchester NY, I'm a martial artist, I like drawing, music, and improvisational comedy. The song I chose is a well-known Disney classic, A Whole New World from Aladdin. I have a weird habit of belting this one out totally unprovoked, not gonna lie. I like a lot of music though, I like Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, some pop music, vapor wave at times, and I'd say J-rock and even nightcore are guilty pleasures of mine. Aside from that I'm open to most any genre people show me.
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