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Hello Beefcakes!

It has been awfully quite here lately and to be honest we haven't focused much on this app as we have worked on other projects. We won't forget about Beefcake though and would still like to get the new design in Beefcake Beta released.

Do you have some feedback on it or perhaps some bugs that you've noticed? Please comment below!
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The Beta should be released as is
The Beta contains many bugs
I'm not using Beefcake anymore
I prefer the current Beefcake version

Beefcake 2.0 beta 4 was just released!

New things:
- Exercise Stats view working again (Press More-button in
- Introduce sliding up panel (WIP) in Exercise input view
- Finish Set renamed to Save

Keep sending us feedback! Preferably here than on e-mail! :)

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Welcome to the Beefcake Beta Program. It's purpose is to test bleeding edge features in Beefcake without affecting the real Beefcake app. As you might know we have done early releases of the real Beefcake app earlier and those will continue but when installed they replace the real Beefcake app.

Instead with Beefcake Beta, a separate app is installed and you can play around with the features and hopefully give us valuable feedback before we release them to the real Beefcake app.

To become a tester:

We are working on a greatly improved and simplified UI. We are looking for people who would like to test it and give us valuable feedback. It will be released as a separate app so won't affect your current Beefcake app at all. 

The first version should be available during November. 
Please comment below if you are interested!

Beefcake 1.10 RC1 released to beta testers

Info: Share your Beefcake workout pictures on Instagram using @beefcakeworkout
New: Decimal support for distance exercises
New: Android Wear: Add and delete exercises during workout (see ... menu in Workout Summary) - note that they won't be saved to current routine
New: Android Wear: Make info bigger in exercise summary and workout summary screens bigger
Fix: Android Wear: Rest timer does not show on other exercise screens
Fix: Android Wear: Starting a routine sometimes leads to crash
Fix: Android Wear: Scrolling to last exercise sometimes leads to crash

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+Sander Marskamp has now created an updated Android Wear review focusing on the changes that came in the first public Android Wear release (1.9) last week. Thanks a lot!

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Beefcake 1.9 released

New: Android Wear support!
New: Android Wear: Follow the guide in Wear activity (Home -> Options)
Fix: Options in action bar same color as background when multi selecting
Fix: Rearranging exercises during workout is not remembered when saving changes to routine
Fix: "Target sets reached" jumps back to exercise list instead of opening next exercise
Fix: Spinners in ActionBar on pre-Lollipop devices has white text color on light background
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I have tried Beefcake on my watch
I want to try Beefcake on a watch
I'm not interested in Beefcake on watch

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Our first video review ever! Mainly focusing on the wear app that is soon to be released to production!

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Beefcake 1.9 RC1 released to beta testers

New: Android Wear support!!!
Fix: "Target sets reached" jumps back to exercise list instead of opening next exercise
Fix: Spinners in ActionBar on pre-Lollipop devices has white text color on light background

The watch app is currently designed to work standalone (without the need for phone). We might add real time sync (for those who want to use phone and watch together) if requested.

- Sync routines/exercises/settings to watch
- Start workout (from routine)
- Change reps/weight and log sets
- Timer (visible if enabled in phone settings)
- Finish workout (sync to phone)

Known limitations:
- the design is mainly built for rectangle watches so might look strange on round ones
- no real time sync
- supports starting one workout (sync to phone needed before starting the next)
- swiping left from first exercise will exit app (but entered data is saved)
- "Cancel Workout" button has no confirmation dialog and will delete your current workout
- time/distance input type are not supported yet
- exercises cannot be added to the started workout

Beefcake 1.8 released

New: New main menu design
New: Show actual RM values in exercise stats
New: Don't calculate estimated RM values for more than 16 repetitions (becomes inaccurate)
New: Redesigned database import and export (from/to anywhere, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc)
New: Show pie diagrams in overview stats (workouts, exercises, categories)
New: New feedback form (email, Google+, GitHub, Google Play)
New: Improved performance of exercise input view (weight/reps/distance)
Info: Android wear support will come in beta version before mid May.
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