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Did you try restarting it?
Did you try restarting it?

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January 28, 2015 - or 650 Days Since My Last Post
Boy, is it ever dusty in here. Fake football? A new job? Wow, that's old news! Except for the fake football thing. I still play it. I just never documented any of my adventures. If you, constant reader, have learned anything about's that I rarely fo...

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Well look at that! Should I be embarrassed?

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Nailed it. If heaven is like anything I was taught as a kid and it's populated by the crazy churchy people I was around I don't want to be there.


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So Moses was a bad man but also some type of pimp? Good ol' Bible. Always steering people the right way. ;-)

Read your Bible before you attempt to discuss it, let alone claim to live by it.


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Tandy sure takes me back! My dad had a couple Tandys when I was a kid.

On this day:
At 28th November of 1983, the ' TRS-80 Tandy 2000 Computer ' was released.

The Tandy 2000 was a personal computer introduced by American franchise of electronics retail stores, Radio Shack, which used the 8 MHz Intel 80186 microprocessor.

By comparison, the IBM PC XT (introduced in March 1983) used the older 4.7 MHz 8088 processor, and the IBM PC AT (introduced in 1984) would later use the newer 6 MHz Intel 80286.

Due to the more efficient design of the 80186, the Tandy 2000 ran significantly faster than other PC compatibles on the market, and slightly faster than the PC AT. (Later, IBM upgraded the 80286 in new PC AT models to 8 MHz.)

Despite all the advancements, the 80186 CPU was not popular with software developers, so few wrote software for the 80186.
More to the point, however, the Tandy 2000, while touted as being compatible with the IBM XT, was different enough for most software beyond purely text oriented to not work properly.

The Tandy 2000's proprietary graphics hardware allowed a display of up to 640×400 (non-interlaced) pixels with 16 colors onscreen, which was a particularly high-resolution and colorful display for its day.

CGA compatibility was hit or miss. The text-mode address space was in a different location but third party memory-resident software hacks remedied this by copying the PC-compatible text-mode memory to the Tandy 2000's text space at a rate of 5-10 times per second.
This caused a bit of choppiness in the display, but worked fairly well.

Software packages that were released for the Tandy 2000 included WordPerfect 4.2 (WP5.1 could work with software patches), Lotus 1-2-3, AutoCAD, Lumena (from Time Arts) and shareware office programs. Microsoft released a version of Xenix for the Tandy 2000 (used with Tandy's network card).

At the time of its release, the prices for the Tandy 2000, ranged from $2,750.
In the end the computer was poorly supported by Radio Shack; eventually the remaining unsold computers were converted into the first Radio Shack Terminals (which, oddly enough, had been one of the original backup plans for the original TRS-80 Model 1).

The original "TRS-80 Micro Computer System" launched in 1977 (later known as the Model I) was one of the earliest mass-produced personal computers released by Radio Shack.

The Tandy 2000 computer was the only computer sold by Radio Shack that had both logos on the case "Tandy" and "TRS-80".

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That's some sexy right there.


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Got this in the crock pot right now. I'm expecting good things!


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Dude, +Joshua Kittleson, this has me excited! #StarWars   #TheForceAwakens  

+Joshua Kittleson, brought some eggnog into work today. Even told someone the tale of DewNog. I don't know if they were amused or horrified. :-)

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This is why I should be a gadget reviewer! lol So I could mess around with all the phones that I wouldn't normally have a chance to use.

This is a perfect example. I def wouldn't want to use it as my daily. But I'd love to fiddle around with it just the same.

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