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In addition to wearing pink, the students at Rex Putnam High School in Milwaukie covered the school's lockers with sticky notes that featured words of encouragement.
Full investigation of Liberty School District bullying incident is needed
Liberty Middle School has an anti-bullying policy. But something went badly wrong last week when 12-year-old Blake Kitchen ended up in the hospital after being beaten unconscious by an older, much larger boy.

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House Bill 284 defines bullying, bans it in public schools; passed second vote Wednesday
Support rushes in for Liberty middle schooler who was hospitalized by bully
Boy's bullying case prompts Lake County schools to change policy
A Lake County elementary school is beefing up its anti-bullying policy after a mother contacted Channel 9 for help for her child.

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Winchendon principal calls Twitter bullies 'pathetic cowards'
A principal in Winchendon emailed his students after finding out some of them were being bullied online and called those responsible "pathetic cowards."

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Miss. schools settle anti-gay bullying case filed by teen

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A Mississippi high school has reached a settlement with a student who sued over allegations that she was harassed for being a lesbian.

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Bullying affects everyone. No one has to deal with it alone. So, please if you ever been bullied, please send your story to me (+Mathematical MarkyMark or Marcus) at because I care about you personally even I don't know you and you don't know, but I want to be that friend to lean on when you need a hand-a helping one. Thank you! #icare   #leanonme   #letmebeyourfriend  
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