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When my Indian labmate's hometown cricket team, the Chennai Super Kings, were trailing in today's semifinal match of the Indian Premier League, I introduced him to the power of "All I Need Is a Miracle." He'd never heard of the song or its use at sporting events. Other things he was unfamiliar with: Mike & the Mechanics, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins.

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Congrats to Leslie Lamport for winning this year's Turing Award! I always forget that he's worked on a lot more things than just LaTeX.

I just saw a young man in the Valley Forge B&N with a scruffy beard and a porkpie hat. Turns out there are hipsters in the suburbs, too. Who knew?

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Amazon announces plans for deliveries via autonomous robots, and everyone on the Internet thinks Skynet.

Not me.

Bobby Knight in the opener, Dickie V in the nightcap. Did Dan Shulman lose a bet?

Attention car dealers: If you think that calling me up at home at 9:30 on a Saturday morning is going to make me more likely to purchase a car from you, you're sadly mistaken.

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I don't know what algorithm Apple's using to compress memory in Mavericks, but I do know that they didn't tune it on a late 2009 Macbook with 8 GM of RAM.

All these complaints I'm reading about the changes in Pages 5.0 make me really glad of my strategic decision when I started grad school to write all my documents using emacs and LaTeX.

I was all set to call shenanigans on Matlab this morning, but the bug turned out to be entirely my fault! Well, mostly my fault. Their error message still sucked.
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