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Creativity crisis?
In this month's HBR, Richard Florida makes his case for "America's Looming Creativity Crisis". (His article also provides a nice basis for a follow-up book to The Rise of the Creative Class.) It's great to see Florida bringing more attention to those who cr...

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New ideas for America
It is said too often than only a new idea can displace an idea that is already strongly held. And new ideas come from creative thinking, from the imagination. So imagine my surprise tonight as I read a "dated" book on ideas, Applied Imagination... by Alex O...

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Radiologic Procedures, Ultrasound and Modern Medicine
 There are many technologies that have revolutionized the field of diagnostic medicine.  Two that I would like to go over briefly are radiography, commonly know as x-rays, and ultrasound.  Both of these procedures have changed the face of health care as we ...

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Adopting the napkin metaphor, and failing
Tamara found a book full of napkin sketches at the National Building Museum in DC a few months ago, Dinner for Architects: A Collection of Napkin Sketches by Winfried Nerdinger, Ingrid Li, and Philip K. Howard. The book has an interesting premise, that of t...

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Napkins & Ideas (Part 1)
week the New Scientist (18 Sept 2004) published two article which make
reference to napking. In a description of Burt Rutan's work on Space
Ship One, Greg Klerkz writes in Beyond the X Prize: You
get the sense the clock in his mind is always tick...
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