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Recently, while walking around Amway Hotel for Art Prize, many young people flooded the place, for what appeared to be Homecoming-esche festivities. It became quite apparent that someone told these girls that the shorter and tighter your dresses are, the prettier you are.  I don't just mean I thought the dresses inappropriate; I mean they looked humiliatingly awful.  They looked cheap. They looked like jokes - with every roll, crevice, nook, cranny, and underwear line highlighted and accentuated.  Above all, it made me sad that somehow these girls had bought into the idea that a pretty and appreciated girl is one who 'shows off' her body. The marketing out there, aimed at them, has indeed worked, with every song, every ad campaign to this effect, etc... all having wormed their way in and warped their concept of what beauty actually is.  Many of those kids will grow up and spend much of their lives reprogramming themselves out of those warped views and conclusions caused by the selfish entities out there. It's a travesty that they ever had to be subjected to any of it in the first place.

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